1967 Plus 4 Morgan

For Sale In Sonoma, California

Close Up of 1967 Morgan Plus 4 Hood Ornament

The Weekend of October 2-4 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

Call 415-235-7238

1967 Morgan plus 4 2


Folks this is a very cool car – Red, Stylish, and Fun…

This 1967 plus 4 Morgan is one of the kinds of cars that is a head turner on the road. When I see a car like this I always get just a twinge of envy, but at 6’4″ I am just a bit too big for this car…

But I would have head room though…Did I mention – It’s a Convertible…

1967 Morgan plus 4 8

It is in very good original condition…

A lot of car guys are just too busy to be working on their car collections any more. And they want cars with all of their original parts. This 1967 Plus 4 Morgan, has all of its original parts…

1967 Morgan plus 4 4

Haven’t seen many of these on the road have you, well this one has been in storage for a few years…

Our 1967 Plus 4 Morgan has been properly stored up on blocks, away from the damaging elements. It is in good overall condition: There are no major Dents – A few minor pings – Very Minor Paint Loss – And the best part is that it has not been over-driven, it has 35,000 original miles.

1967 Morgan plus 4 14

After this weekend, this 1967 Plus 4 Morgan will be Gone…


1967 Morgan plus 4 1

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