3 Doors to Estate Sales Treasures

Behind each of these doors is a treasure.

In the estate sales business we are always looking for a treasure. Personally, I live for it. My motto is “Help People Find.” And to that end I offer you a glimpse into three areas of collecting, or “Finding that you want to be on the look out for.

At least two of the items behind these door are possible to find, I know because I have found them.

I’ll write about them someday…

Now I invite you to open a door and enjoy.

Something at an estate sale you definitely want to be on the look out for…

It’s called the Warren Korean Jar and it was auctioned off this past December 9, at Bonhams, in San Francisco. It sold for $4.2 million!

A word to the wise, and a heads up – this Korean artifact was not found in some spectacular collection, and nor was it part of a museums holdings – No, it was in a Sacramento Area home for decades before being brought into Bonhams…just a little “Vase” in a modest home, and no one knew…

And Now For A Contest…

Here is a Mid-Century bracelet designed and produced by a well known German silversmith. He is all over the net.

The makers mark is 925 TF

The first person to correctly identify this mark will win a copy of our Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide

Good Luck

Martin Codina

5 thoughts on “3 Doors to Estate Sales Treasures

  1. Martin:
    Your website just keeps getting more inovative with every new posting. I’m truly impressed. Keep that creativity humming!

  2. Jean-Marie: Thanks for your lovely comment, I am learning all the time…

    Windy: Thanks for your guess, but the TF does not indicate a piece created by Tiffany…

  3. I’m going to guess Theodor Fahrner. Just found your blog via Twitter & it’s great. I’m giving it a Stumble and bookmarking it for myself. Keep up the good work.

  4. well silly me i just saw that the question had already been answered, excuse me by all means – I was skimming rather than reading for content. I still like your site though.

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