3 Tools You Might Find at a San Francisco Estate Sale

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Those of us who conduct estate sales, as well as those of us who shop at estate sales, are essentially modern day treasure hunters. And there are few better ways to accomplish finding the equivalent of a treasure, than to look for one, at a local estate sale.

Tool collector guy’s want to find tools like these at estate sales in San Francisco, or anywhere for that matter!

Union Hill Antique Tools

This site is one of the original antique tools websites on the internet.

Here you will find an extensive variety of antique tools which you can purchase, or if you are a dealer, you can use this site to research the tools that you picked up from an estate sale.

If you don’t find your tool here, then you can send them a picture, and for a fee they will appraise it.

Keen Kutter Miterbox

Keen Kutter Miterbox

Excellent and scarce cast iron Keen Kutter miter box, complete with original saw. $900.00

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Estate Sales Thoughts…

One of the things I hear grumbled about from time to time by dealers who come to my estate sales is that all the good deals are gone, that “The good old days are over.” My thoughts on the matter are that today it’s just different. There are all the deals that there ever were, but to find them you have to be more creative.

Here is something else that I have noticed: when I shop the estate sales of other San Francisco estate sales companies, I sometimes find deals. What this tells me is that no estate liquidator knows everything, not me, not anyone. Find your niche, and you will prosper.

Falcon Wood

Not only does this site offer many fine antique tools for sale you can also use the information you find their to help you value the tools that you purchased from an estate sale.

If you want to sell your antique tools, they also have a buying service. I can say that from my experience, it’s sometimes better to deal with a dealer such as these guys, than it is to try and sell everything you find at an estate sale on eBay.

Norris No 1, C1935. Very rare

Norris No 1, C1935. Very rare

Norris No 1, C1935. Very rare and early, rosewood filled, dovetailed sole, 16 1/2″ Panel Plane. Has 1 5/8″ remaining of the original iron (the iron is stamped with the number 7 to match the number 7 stamped in the wood infill. Both the iron and chip breaker are marked Norris). This rare size plane is also marked “Murray, Liverpool” the plane dealer who originally sold the plane. RARE,Good ++ $4,500.00

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Estate Sales Thoughts…

If you are doing your own estate sale, take some care when it comes to tools, most of the tools that you’ll find in a garage really won’t be all that valuable – but every once in a while you will find a winner.

One of my approaches when it comes to setting up an estate sale is to make sure that I pick up each and every tool and examine it – I look for the unusual, ones that are old, and then I look them up on one of the sites I have provided links for you to.

Hans Brunner Tools

Hay Trolley

Hay Trolley

These slot into a track/rail in a loft or a barn. It measures approximately 400 mm x 300mm x 1500 mm and will run on a 75mm track.  Price$350 or make an offer.

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