78’s – Old Records at Estate Sales

78 rpm Records at Estate Sales: What all but the most diligent miss…

britannic 78 record label

Turn the music player on at the end of this post to hear a 78 record treat…

Recently I read a post on Urban Art and Antiques called The Pursuit of Inconvenient Music, which describes the mania that some collectors have for collecting 78’s; the prices they will pay, and the lengths they will go to find the rarest 78 records. This got me thinking about 78’s, all those that I have found at estate sales and how little I know about this area of record collecting.

So I did some research…

Almost no one will tell you about collecting 78’s

Here is a site: Ted Staunton’s 78 rpm labels, that will get you started. I figure after you see their verity of colors, and the illustration that these old beauties have, beginning with their labels, you might start to wonder about what’s on the record, how they sound and so forth.

In order to get any sense for the value of 78 rpm records, one needs to do their homework. Today with easy computer access, it is much easier to do this then when I started in the estate sales business years ago.  A wonderful place to begin researching values is Juke Joint Records. They have a list of thousands of titles to search through, all alphabetically categorized. They also buy collections of 78’s. But don’t waste their time with idle inquiries, do your research first.

Love the Music on 78’s First and the collecting will follow…

This is (Urban Art and Antiques) point, listen to the music, let the sound of it drive your passions, let that be its first value – the preservation of the sounds of the past…

Here is the Big 78 rpm Record Link, maybe the most important one offered by this post.

Jazz On Line logo with link follow

Old Time Jazz is an obvious labor of love. You can listen too, and even download songs that were pressed as 78’s, by the likes of Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton.

Enjoy The Links,

Martin Codina

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  1. Great post Martin. I didn’t see them often before because I never looked. Now it seemed there are quite many available!

  2. Thanks for the visit, and for the depth of your own post over at Urban Art and Antiques…

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