8 Crazy Antiques You Can Buy Yourself For Christmas

Because it has been a crazy year…

We think you should get very eclectic with your Christmas gift buying decisions this year. Average gifts, not on your life, not this year. This is the year to get super expressive, to remember the “Old Stuff”,” to visit your local Auction Houses, Antiques Stores or your Favorite Estate Liquidators, and purchase a gift for a loved one that you can’t find at a Cookie Cutter Box Store.”

Do this even if it’s just for yourself…splurge…you deserve it.

1. Lilliput Toy Robot

Lilliput Toy Robot sold by Dan Morphy Auctions with Link Follow

(Lilliput Toy Robot Sold By Dan Morphy for $2,588.00)

Take me to your leader, and if you cannot take me to your leader I am programed to address a message of Great Importance to your second in command. I come from the land of the Sixties, when even though there were longhairs pacing the streets shouting various slogans “Mostly Say Hurray For Our Side,” it was a simpler time…Indeed!

2.  Clarice Cliff Bizarre Grotesque Mask by Ron Birks

Clarice Cliff Bizarre Grotesque Mask by Ron Birk with link

(Clarice Cliff Bizarre Grotesque Mask by Ron Birks Image From The Price Guide)

Wow! A Ron Birks designed mask for Clarice Cliff – The Bizarre Ware Queen! Imagine this in 1929, the year it was produced. I love an anomaly like this. Even by today’s standards this mask would seem strange in a Macy’s or a Bloomingdale’s, and yet that’s where you would have found this in 1929, in whatever was the English equivalent to those stores…Folks this one is rare and wonderful!

3. Martin Brothers Face Jug

Martin Brothers Face Jug sold by Skinners with link follow

(Martin Brothers Salt Glazed Stoneware Face Jug Sold by Skinner Inc. for $11,258.00)

Martin Brothers Pottery…also English, and I don’t know what they were adding to their tea in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s but it must have been good, because Martin Brothers Pottery produced some amazing and wonderfully grotesque pottery in the shape of heads, large birds and vases that were glazed with almost prehistoric looking fish…Here’s a link

4. The Komical Kop Windup Tin Crazy Car

Marx Beat It The Komical Kop windup sold by Dan Morphy Auction with link follow

(The Komical Kop Windup Sold by Dan Morphy Auctions for $1,210.00)

“Just Beat It” OK, so I like whimsical, I like Kooky, I like fun…and I think that a toy like this still has relevance, even today. I know it doesn’t have any fancy graphics, or bells and whistles – that you can’t interact with it in a hundred different ways like you can a video game, but you could have a lot of fun with this if you just cranked up Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” wound this puppy up, and shot a video of it…then of course you’ll have to post it on You Tube.

5. Wedgwood Lustre Fairyland Cup

Wedgwood Lustre Fairyland Cup Sold By Skinner Auction with Link Follow

(Wedgwood Lustre Fairyland Cup Sold By Skinner Inc. for $2,370.00)

Wedgwood can be so all over the map, staid even, and kind of boring, but their Fairyland Lustre Ware designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones is simply fantastic. Each piece is a masterpiece, or a collision if you will, of metaphor meeting an incredibly fine and detailed painting on porcelain. Also, I wonder if Henry Darger ever saw these. Seems he might have…

6. Tramp Art

Secretary Tramp Art Sold By Cyr Auction with link follow

(Tramp Art Drop-Front Secretary Sold By Cyr Auction Co. for $9,900.00)

Tramp Art: Utilitarian Art at it’s best. Completely one of a kind, encompassing everything from the mundane to the utterly fantastic. This cabinet belongs in the category of the fantastic. A perfect place to house and protect your collections, whether they are eclectic or fine, a piece like this is a statement, that you are an individual, an artistic sort – an antique savant.

7. The Crandall New Model Typewriter

Crandall Machine Companyl Typewriter with link follow

(Crandall New Model Typewriter From The Martin Howard Collection)

Every writer, especially those who worry about writers block should get one of these for Christmas, if only to remind them that they at least don’t have to worry about writers cramp – the affliction that writers used to get from having to type on machines such as these. Personally, I think this antique typewriter is an object of beauty – a symbol of the reverence we as writers should place on our craft…

8. Andress Multi Tool Corkscrew

Andress Multi Tool Corkscrew with link followl

(Andress Multi Tool Corkscrew From Corkscrews Online £20.00)

The Boy Scouts Motto is “Always Be Prepared.” I think you could build part of a house with this tool. Multi-Tools are among my favorites kinds of antiques and collectibles. I really like all their varied shapes, and sizes. I especially like to guess at their function. This one has at least 11 functions. I can guess at a few, but not at all of them. An idea I have had for awhile now is to collect a few hundred different kinds of multi-tools and use them to decorate the entry way of our house. That way, just in case, I’ll finally know where to find a tool when I need it. Here is a link to a Multi-Tool Museum

What an Awesome year we have had at Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation, Inc.

It’s all because of you, our dear readers. You have helped us, made suggestions and added your many friendly comments. Many of you have linked to us, gone to our estate sales, or purchased items from our Antiques and Collectibles store…and for that we send you a BIG OL’ Thanks…

We Wish You The Fondest of Holidays

Martin, Valetta, Katherine, Helena and the entire Fine Estate Team…

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3 thoughts on “8 Crazy Antiques You Can Buy Yourself For Christmas

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your sharing your enthusiasm towards the wonderful Crandall typewriter from my collection.

    I do appreciate you giving credit for the photo and for providing the link to my website.

    Happy Christmas to you, with whatever comes down the chimney!

    Martin Howard

  2. Martin Howard –

    Thanks for the visit, I do so appreciate your acknowledgment…

    And your collection of Typewriters is nothing short of spectacular…

    Martin Codina
    Fine Estate

  3. Martin,
    You always have such great pics… and I love going through them with a hot cup.
    Good grief, that “face” jug is ghastly – The result of a Hallucinogenic Tea, I presume 😉 Imagine that at your bedside table and waking up to that.

    The typewriter is beautiful as is the Wedgwood cup.

    Thank you Martin.

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