A chair Anais Nin might have sat in.

Joaquin Maria Nin-Culmell was the brother of Anais Nin. One day I got a call from the executor of his estate. She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a buy-out of what remained of her uncle’s estate. We made an appointment to meet for the following week.

This particular executor because she was sophisticated and knowledgeable had done everything right. (Go to www.finesf.com for ways I can do this for you)

She had already secured and properly placed all photos and papers that had any connection to Anais Nin.

Because Joaquin was a semi famous composer his library of books, manuscripts, and sheet music had been carefully placed with a rare book dealer.

Even his piano was gone.

I bought what was left of his estate; his fairly ordinary furnishing and knick-knacks. But hey, how many people can say that they once owned an Eames chair that Anais Nin might have sat in.

Here are two personal things I learned about Joaquin:

  1. He collected rhinoceros figurines. (I still have a few of them in my collection)
  2. He loved his sister; because of his sense of history he had preserved the bulk of her literary estate many years before.

My name is Martin Codina and I am an estate liquidator who likes his job.



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