American Pickers In California, Oh My! What’s a Dealer to Do?

Mike from American Pickers Was In California Recently

…Me? I am just grateful he left something for me to find…

Vintage Boyhood Ambition Money Clip – Please Note The “Junk” Wagon

I recently started following Mike Wolfe from American Pickers on Twitter here: @American Picker He said that he was in California, that he hadn’t picked here in awhile.

I thought, damn Mike! Can’t you stay in your own area – do you think we need any more competition – I mean, how many barns full of stuff do you think we have here in California?

The answer is we have plenty of barns and warehouses, and garages and old out of the way storage rooms full of stuff in California…we’re just like the rest of the country.

American Picker Side-note: Sue over at Vintage Rescue Squad is about the biggest fan of American Pickers I have come across in the blogosphere…Go Sue

Dim the lights – Here’s A Recent True Story

19th c. Bas-Relief marble Panels Sold at San Rafael Auction House for $4,250.00

A Garage Sales shopper making their rounds of all the little Mom and Pop Yards in the San Francisco Bay Area recently came across these Bas-Relief Marble Panels – there were 4 of them…he paid a grand sum total of $30.00 for all of them.

For the dealer or collector – The Deals are Still Out There!

For the Mom and Pops – Please do your Research!

A Side Note of Plenty: “Michelangelo” Found in Buffalo

Possibly Worth as Much as 300 Million! Read about it Here

What makes the American Pickers so effective is that they follow their hunches as much as they rely on their knowledge, and what backs it all up is that they are most definitely following their passions.

And that is key – If you want to make it in this business, in any aspect of it, you have to have a passion for it – at the end of the day what will keep you sane, engaged and on the prowl for the next big score is your love of what you are doing…

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4 thoughts on “American Pickers In California, Oh My! What’s a Dealer to Do?

  1. Loved your post about American Pickers. I have been a closet Picker all of my life….but have never ventured into the business until now. I am 50 years old and tired of dreaming about it. I have “picked” through all of my things…and that was quite a bit. Began selling on Ebay and Etsy. Given that one of the things on my “bucket list” has been to go with Mike and his partner on a pick…. I decided that I have enough passion to do this too……… YES! I’d say I have passion!

  2. Oh… my shop on Etsy is LadyPicker… and I have a whopping 3 items listed… ya gotta start somewhere.

  3. Thank you Marge (AKA Lady Picker) – it’s never too late to be a picker…welcome to our site…


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