An Ivory Cigar Cutter, and Other Antique Cigar Stuff

…I Have an Ivory Cigar Cutter That Came From The Estate Sale of a Baroness…

…and I ain’t blowing smoke at you…

Antique Ivory Cigar Cutter 1

…It’s Beautiful and fits nice in the hand…Want to to know more? Click on the picture…

Cigar stuff – The lighters, boxes, cutters, and especially the Cigar Store Indian, are all still highly collectible. OK, so not as collectible as they once were in the days before we all learned of the dangers of tobacco, but collectible none the less.

Cigar accouterments, at least those that are my favorites, harken back to a bygone era of smoke filled wood paneled rooms, where deals were being made, mostly at the expense of the “The Little People.” So maybe that’s not so great, but hey, these guys at least had taste…in future collectibles.

Cigar Cutter; Artie the Best Cigar of the year sold by Pook and Pook with Link Follow

(Sold By Pook and Pook Auctions for $3,510.00)

Don’t tell anyone, because this is between you and me, I enjoy a fine cigar from time to time…

Here’s my little old theory about why cigarettes are more popular than cigars. Cigars take time to smoke, cigarettes don’t. In order to smoke and savor a fine cigar, you have to set some time aside, say an hour or two, to get through the smoking of one. Here’s what I call that, I call it leisure. I call it relaxing. I call it checking out from the fast passed – the too quick – the “I am in a hurries…”

Col JJ Astor 5 Cent Cigar Cutter sold by Morphy Auctions with link follow

(Sold By Dan Morphys Auction for $2,750.00)

So maybe you think that cigar smoking is nasty and acridly odoriferous, that you can’t imagine taking time out of your day to smoke one. But don’t let that stop you from learning to identify the kinds of vintage cigar collectibles that can make you some money.

Because smoking has fallen from favor, many people staging estate sales, renting space at flea markets, and those families staging their own estate sales, overlook smoking paraphernalia as something that has value.

The Eagles Beak Cigar Cutter

Antique  Eagle Head Cigar Cutter Sold By Cowans with a link Follow

(Sold By Cowan’s for $2,233.00)

This is an amazing cigar cutter, sterling silver, glass eyes, handsome feather detailing, and yes that is a genuine birds beak. You could never get away with that today, but yesterday they did.

One of the ways you can tell an antique cigar cutter from a newer one is that, in the “Olden Days” of cigars, back when Mark Twain was smoking, cigars were smaller. The big cigars we see today were the exception, not the rule. So old cigar cutters and cigar punches were made to cut a much smaller cigar.

Look for cigar cutters and punches that have smaller openings.

Politically Incorrect Bronze African American Table Lighter

Bronze Table Lighter, African Chief Table Lighter sold by Morphy Auctions

(Sold By Morphys for a mere $409.00)

…but still stunning and beautiful…

It is a cigar related item like the above, that sold at auction for a pittance, that I think will likely sell for far more on eBay, that you should be on the lookout for.


Martin Codina

For More Info About Cigar Related Antiques Click Here and Scroll Through Page.

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One thought on “An Ivory Cigar Cutter, and Other Antique Cigar Stuff

  1. Martin, are you finding that the collectors of Cigar box labels are among the same type of collectors as the items you recently featured, or are they a different breed?

    I remember seeing a preview for an auction of 2 binders full of such labels. I asked what the rest of the auction consisted of, the auctiioneer said that IS the rest of the auction. I laughed figuring it for a joke.

    That auction totaled over $25,000!

    I NEVER laugh at things like that any more. I try to hold my chin and look real pensive!

    The site is looking great!

    See ya soon,


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