Antiques: Absinthe Spoons, Business Machines and Cigar Bands


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Some Reviews Of Antiques and Collectibles Research Sites

Because we at Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation are absolutely committed to aiding and assisting you in making the right choices with regard to the proper valuation and sale of your Antiques and Collectibles, we created this list of research and resource sites. From time to time we will add reviews of some of the sites you will find by using our Antiques and Collectibles Research links…

Absinthe Spoons

The Virtual Absinthe Museum

The Virtual Absinthe Museum is an all in one Antique Absinthe Resource and Research site. If you are looking for a rare Sterling Silver absinthe spoon like the one pictured above or an Absinthe poster, which by the way are all truly glorious to look at, then this site, with its super easy to use navigation is the place you either want to shop, or use to research your Absinthe Collectibles.

Business Machines and Office Equipment

1885 Dixon Lamson Pencil Sharpener from Office Museum

The Early Office Museum

The Early Office Museum is my kind of site. Look at the above 1885 Dixon Lamson Pencil Sharpener; so different than what is available to sharpen pencils today. In the 1880’s when it came to office equipment, the two things they had not a lack of were aesthetics and functionality. This antique sharpener has both in spades.

If you have a true Antique Office Rarity, you should drop them an email with some photos, who knows, they may be interested.

Also, and this is kooky, if you have one of those old office staplers, and you wonder who on earth has staples for these things, then your search is over. They sell them. Wow, imagine that.

Cigar Bands and Boxes

Cigar Box Labels.Com

Cigar Box Labels Dot Com is chock full of the most amazing cigar box labels and cigar related ephemera on the internet. It might literally take you days to plumb and investigate its depths. Their site has an easy and flowing Gallery Style Navigation system, making your task of cigar label research so much more fruitful, as well as so much more manageable.

It all here, from the most expensive to the modestly priced. And the visuals just don’t stop; page after page of the best in cigar boxes and labels – representing some of the best illustration the cigar advertising and marketing world have ever produced.

This is also a great place to buy cigar labels if you are a collector, or to make sales inquires, if you have a collection you want to sell.

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Research Your Antiques and Collectibles By Clicking On A Letter

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