Antique and Vintage Marbles

Marbles of Value and Beauty

I just read a wonderful and thoroughly comprehensive article about vintage and antique marbles on Collectors Weekly. Dang! The only way to describe the marbles that this article discusses is that they are fabulous; each an intricate work of art, that each is unique, and that for the most part what we think of as a valuable collectible, was first made for young boys to play in various games.

Did any one know that marbles would become so valuable?

Of course not, but they did…

Onionskin Cloud Marble Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $4,025.00

And play they did, that any of these beauties survived intact, without chips or blemishes is a minor miracle. I speculate though that these young lad’s kind of knew that the marble they were playing with were more than objects to shoot into circles of dirt or pavement; they knew that some of these marbles were more like prizes.

Boxed Sets of Marbles Can Command High Prices

Remember this when cleaning out an attic or basement

Boxed Set of Akro Agates Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $ 1,840.00

The undisputed king for selling Antique and Vintage Marbles is the Dan Morphy Auction Co. I discovered this while researching this article. In auction lot after auction lot, they consistently hit the bulls-eye. And before you say, “Hey Martin, of course you say that, I mean you’re being paid to write this article aren’t you?”

I wish I were being paid to write this article, but the fact of the matter is no one pays me to write these articles – and they never will, because I never want to have that sort of conflict of interest…

My Personal Favorite Box Set of Vintage Marbles

Because they’re fun!

Picture Marbles by the Peltier Glass Co. Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $1,760.00

So how do I figure out these values, where do I turn for antiques and collectibles information…? Well of the many place I do, Prices 4 Antiques.Com is one of my favorites.  Like Every day, that’s right I use the information from this site everyday.

And you thought I was just brilliant, that I knew all of this stuff off the top of my head. But I don’t, in fact no one does, any estate liquidator or antiques dealer worth their salt has to do research.

If you want to avail yourself of the Prices 4 Antiques data base, and you don’t want to pay full price, because who does, then read this page where you will find a 20% Off Discount Code.

Our Parting Shot With An Antique Marble

Now go and find some of your own

Akro Agate Limeade Oxblood Marble Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions For $504.00

Happy Treasure Hunting,

Martin Codina

CEO of Fine Estate Liquidation, a San Francisco Estate Sales Company

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  1. hi Martin.

    I looked at the Prices 4 Antiques.Com site.
    I noted they mention which auctions are included, an impressive listing.

    May have to sign on to that.

    thanx for the tip.

  2. Vince, Thanks for stopping by…Knowledge Is Like Money In The Bank…Cheers – Martin

  3. Tracy,

    An onionskin marble at 4k makes me want to look through a lot of boxes at an estate sale.

    Ya’ just know there are more of these somewhere…

    All The Best,


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