Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboards

This post is meant to give insight into the buying and selling of Parcheesi Gameboards whether as an Estate Sales Professional or as a person who shops at Auctions or Estate Sales…

Let’s Play a Game!

…anyone remember how to play Parcheesi…?

19th Century Landscape Parcheesi Gameboard 21″ Wide by 21.25″ High sold By Pook and Pook for $11,115.00

Let me be perfectly clear, someone somewhere in America is going to find an Antique Parcheesi Gameboard worth big bucks sometime this year. I have no doubt about this. Read this post carefully, look at the images of these fantastic Parcheesi Gameboards…

Some call it “The Royal Game of India”

Late 19th Century Polychrome Parcheesi Gameboard (21.25″ Wide by 21.5″ High) Sold By Skinner for $1,067.00

There’s a big Ol Recession going on, unemployment is high, unbearably high in some areas. More and more people are selling stuff. They are looking high and low – in their old barns, and out buildings for things to sell. If you are one of these people please proceed with caution before attempting to sell your items too quickly or too cheaply…very seriously consider hiring a competent estate sales or auction professional.

But Parcheesi is as American as Apple Pie

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard 20″ Wide by 21″ Long Sold By Northeast Auctions for $2,574.00

If you are one of the unemployed – If you are a person with even a modicum of experience or if you have specialized expertise in a specific area of antiques and collecting – then hit the highway, leave no stone unturned. The deals are out there. I know, I see them everyday.

Our Parcheesi is a Version of India’s Cross and Circle Game

Grain Painted Antique Parcheesi Gameboard (19.5″ Square) Sold by Northeast Auctions for $702.00

New to the Buy and Sell Antiques Game? Unsure just what’s the best kind of thing to buy? Got a few bucks burning a hole in your faded jeans? Well hold your horses! This may be a game, and it is a fun one at that, but it also is one that can leave you with a storage locker full of so called collectibles and no one in sight who is ready willing and able to buy them. And you don’t need that. The last thing you need is junk!

So research and research again…did I mention Research…not sure if I did. Please research before ya pluck your hard earned dough on stuff you know too little about.

These Parcheesi Gameboards are American, Antique and Hand Painted

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (25″ High by 25.25″ Wide) sold by Northeast Auctions for $18,560.00

All games, and the Antique and Collectible game is no different, have winners and losers…browse the antique malls and the legacy antique stores. They are filled with items that have been there for years – same old stuff, posed in the same display – with the same high prices.

As a dealer your one overall goal is to sell, not create a museum.

Be dynamic, find out what is selling, before you get too far into the game by buying the wrong stuff.

Like the best Folk Art, these Parcheesi Gameboards Command High Prices

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (21.75″ High by 22″ Wide) sold by Northeast Auctions for $18,560.00

So your Grandmother – Father – some ancient Relative has passed, and you think, now’s my chance, I am going to sell their estate all by my lonesome. All the lonesome are is lonely, especially if they make the mistake that so often happens to the ill informed by thinking they know better, they very often lose money.

Get an advocate, someone who knows their antiques and collectibles, someone who can properly help you bring your precious antiques to market.

I Think it is Possible to Find These at Estate Sale or Garage Sales

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (18.75″ High by 19″ Wide) sold by Northeast Auctions for $19.720.00

Here are three past articles on this website that will help you:

The Case of the American Aesthetic Movement Chairs That Sold for $390,000.00 By the way these were found in a Boiler Room.

The Case of the 000-42 Martin Guitar: A Love Story, and an Auction This woman used excellent judgment, by contacting a world class guitar authority and her diseased husbands cherished Old Martin then sold for more that $50,000.00.

How Colonel William C. Browne’s Pair of 1851 Navy Colts Came Out Of Hiding… These firearms were brought into an appraisal clinic by the prototypical “Little Old Lady” in a brown paper sack – she had no idea of their value – Over $70,000.00.

Cross and Circle Games Like Parcheesi are also Known as Ludo,  Parchís, and Parqués

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (14″ Square) sold by Garth’s Auctions for $430.00

If you are a picker, a want to be American Picker – you have to know that treasures are out there, that you can have your day in the sun…that you can be in the game, if you are patient and well informed.

Buying and Selling Antiques and Collectibles even without huge or obscene profits is a sure way out of the unemployment doldrums, a way to sing a different and more confident tune…but you will have to work at it. It won’t be easy. But then again what job worth doing is ever always easy?

Appealing and Eye Catching, I Wonder If Parcheesi Boards Formed The Basis For Quilts?

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (18.125″ High by 18.5″ Wide) sold by Skinner Auctions for $6,463.00

The number one way I have learned what small amount that I have learned is by asking questions. By not being too afraid to look dumb. The second best way I learned, especially in the early days of my career was to pay to play. That’s right, I hired experts.

Here’s My Favorite Antique Parcheesi Gameboard

Antique Painted Parcheesi Gameboard (19″ Square) sold by Northeast Auctions for $11,600.00

Take it easy, don’t move too fast. First develop your passion for one or another area of Antiques or Collectibles. Go to estate sales early on the first day, not at first to buy, but to see what others are buying. These early bird dealers truly have their finger to the pulse of whats hot and whats not.

All The Best To You,

Martin Codina

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