Are Auctioneers Like Pickers?

In a Word…Yes!

Most medium to large Auction Houses are Antiques and Collectibles Pickers who want only your best!

(Michigan Auction – June 1938 by William Vandivert From Life Magazine)

Question: What will you do with the rest?

When Skinners, Bonham’s and Christie’s come knocking on your door, make no mistake, they are looking for only certain kinds of antiques and collectibles. They want “Stuff Worth Lots of Money,” and once they get it, they will leave you to fend for yourself – trying to figure out what to do with the rest.

These Auctioneers will pick your estate: No doubt about this. Do they really care about what you are going to do with the rest of your inherited property, the dishes, the pots and pans – all the everyday books – your Mom or Dads furniture? No they don’t, at least not in ways that will be helpful to you.

So ask yourself, Do I want an Auctioneer who Picks only my best?

(Michigan Auction – June 1938 by William Vandivert From Life Magazine)

Large Auction Houses Want Only Your Best: They want – have to have, your big ticket items; without them, they loose prestige and income amongst their peers.

So make no mistake – Auctioneers, especially those who represent the medium to large auction houses pretty much only care about a handful of your heirlooms.

Auctioneers who are Exception to this, are the smaller regional auction houses: They will accept many more kinds of items to include in their upcoming estate auctions. A few, and I do mean a few will actually leave your home broom clean for you. This is what most average people need, an auction service which will leave the house empty.

When Contemplating Auctioneers, here are 3 Questions to think about:

  1. Does the Auctioneer have a comprehensive plan to help you with all of your personal property?
  2. Does the Auctioneer have a through understanding of your overall objectives?
  3. Does the Auctioneer have a resourceful way for you to deal with your estates residuals or remainders?

Final Thought: If your estate has a vast array of medium valued items with a few items of exceptional value, then consider the following two suggestions:

  1. Work with an Estate Sales Professional who understands how to properly meld an effective auction placement strategy in combination with the sale of your personal property at an on-site Estate Sale.
  2. Work with one of the medium sized regional auction houses that understands their own limits – which has no objection to their placing of a few of your exceptional, and high valued items in one of the larger auction houses upcoming auctions; in this way helping you achieve maximum benefit for your high valued items while at the same time helping you with all of the rest of your personal property.

Good Luck,

Martin Codina
CEO Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation, Inc.

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