Are You A Disgruntled Estate Liquidator?

Antique Alphabet Blocks Illustarting a Letter To Estate Liquidators

Dear Disgruntled Estate Liquidator,

As I wrote in chapter 11 of my book Liquidating an Estate, “If you don’t care about people’s problems you’ll never get a chance to solve them.”

As estate liquidators, and estate sales professionals, when we cease to care for the trials and tribulations of our clients, we prove ourselves to be nothing more than common merchants.

In our business it’s go, go, go all the time. We work hard, extremely hard; most of our clients really don’t know how hard and most of them don’t care either. They want to be relieved of one of their many burdens, and when that happens, they move on. It’s true also that some of our estate sales customers think we’re rich, that we get to skim the best of the best off the top; that we get the best deals.

Our customers harass us and our clients suspect us, but instead of viewing any of this benignly we take it personally. Very personally. But it is not personal unless we make it personal. Our clients and customers are just humans being humans – people will show up as humans most of the time. Some of them are going to be easy going while some of them are going to come up to you with king sized chips on their shoulders and dare you to knock them off. Resist the temptation…

Antique Alphabet Blocks Illustarting a Letter To Estate Liquidators

At your estate sales you’re being pushed or pulled at, argued with, and continuously browbeat for lower prices from your customers – and on the other hand your clients are demanding that you generate as much income as is possible from their belongings. You are totally caught between two diametrically opposed extremes. Don’t try to win at this! This isn’t a game. You’re not supposed to be the winner, your client is. You’re first task is to serve, and your second task is to make sure that you receive just compensation for your services.

I know it’s difficult when you feel you have been disrespected, marginalized, or under compensated. I do this for a living too. I get your anger and frustration. It can get so difficult sometimes we wonder, maybe late at night with a glass of wine or on the way to our third appointment of the day, if it’s worth all the complicated efforts and sacrifices we have to make.

And then when we are at our least resourceful because we are so tired, we ask the ultimate crazy question “How come nobody seems to care about me? What I want. We as estate liquidators are surrounded at every turn by the wants of others, it’s almost as if those we serve don’t give a damn. The truth is, some of them don’t. And of those who do care, only a handful of them will ever express anything like gratitude.

Antique Alphabet Blocks Illustarting a Letter To Estate Liquidators

4 Signs you are becoming a disgruntled Estate Liquidator

  1. You let people’s greed crawl under your skin and get the best of you.
  2. You think you have to watch your back all the time.
  3. You can’t stop complaining about your customers and clients.
  4. You start calling your clients personal property – junk, stuff, and worse yet, crap.

And then you get busy. You hire an attorney to draft up an even more stringent contract to use with your clients. You layer it with all sorts of contingencies, and conditions. By God your not going to let your clients keep anything, once the contract is signed. You’ll charge them if they do. You have started to feel like their stuff is your stuff, but it’s not. You know this, but you’ve begun to harden your heart.

If the above is true for you, and you are not willing to change; it’s time to get out of the business – time to hang up your cleats – time to hit the showers – time to call it quits. You’re Through…

Martin Codina

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