Are you experienced, have you ever been experienced…well I have…

…but not necessarily stoned

Still Wanted – Jimi Hendrix

(November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970)

A black and white mugshot photograph of Jimi Hendrix from the Toronto Police Department

This black and white mugshot photo of Jimi Hendrix sold on December 4, 2006 at Christie’s and Realized : $14,400.00

Here is an interesting side bar to his trial in Toronto. This came from an eBay listing for a group of four Jimi Hendrix autographs. It is a quote:

“In May 1969, my older sister was working for a corporate lawyer in Toronto when the lawyer got a phone call from Jimi Hendrix’s New York lawyer, Jimi was arrested at the Toronto International Airport, he was charged with heroin possession. My sister sat behind Hendrix during his Toronto trial and Jimi asked her if she wanted an autograph and he scribbled on some paper and gave it to my sister; the 4 signed remarks, and she gave me the document since I played guitar and had his records. Over the years, I occasionaly showed the Hendrix autographs to friends and then just put the paper away. It’s now time for someone else to enjoy them. I’ve been asked to divide up the signatures to make 4 separate hendrix displays. I will leave that option to you.”

Here is one of the Jimi Hendrix autographs that this person sold on eBay for $7,900.00

Jimi Hendrixs autographs

…and in case you think I am going to leave my Vintage Clothing readers out…
Here’s a pair of his pants!

Jimi Hendrix pair of colourful striped trousers

Sold at Christie’s in London on July 10, 2008 for £20,000

Jimi Hendrix poster, Pinnacle Concerts Shrine Auditorium Jimi Hendrix Fillmore Estate Poster

Sold at Christie’s in New York Nov. 30, 2007

for $16,250.00

Sold at Christie’s in New York November 24, 2008

for $3,250.00

And lest we forget that Jimi Hendrix was one the best guitarists the world has ever had the pleasure of listening too, I present one of the few guitars Jimi Hendrix didn’t get a chance to light on fire…

A 1968 Fender Stratocaster in sunburst finish owned by Jimi Hendrix

Sold at Christie’s in New York December 4, 2006 for




All Christie’s Images via Art Fact.

Autograph Image via eBay seller: the300spartans

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  1. Hi Mr. Codina! I love your website. I would love to be in this business. Can you tell me when I have had enough experience to operate my own business. I have already done two sales. One was good and the other the HOA took our signs and I ended up with a 3200 sf house full of everything. I had advertised but, got dealers only on the first day and a half. After that it was dead. I love this business and want to continue in it, but if someone asks me if I have much experience I would have to say that most of my experience has been going to them. I have asked around to see if I can work with any of the local cos., but they don’t need me.
    What can I do? Would you tell me? In addition, I have already built a website, but I am on some really obscure page out in the hinterlands. How do I get on the first few pages of a search engine?
    I hope you don’t mind my asking so many questions. I can tell from your website that you are a generous man. You give not only to your potential customers, but to other estate sale companies, as well. I hope you will help me understand what I can do and what the best thing is to do.
    Thank you so very much.

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