Only the Passionate will Succeed In the Antiques Business

…let’s not kid ourselves, these are interesting times…

Pilot Life Insurance Advertising Clock Sold By Cowans Auctions with Link Follow
(Sold by Cowan’s for $149.00

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the estate sales business, and the world of collectibles and antiques. As the principle of my company, and the so called webmaster of this site, I look at many websites on a daily basis. I told someone a couple of days ago that I likely search through a thousand web pages a week. I may have under reported this. I look at a lot of antiques and collectibles websites, and here is what I have noticed.

…it’s Always the right Time to be passionate about your business…

Popeye Alarm Clock sold by Dan Morphy with link follow
(Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions)

I came to this idea as a result of noticing the kinds of collectibles or antiques websites that I was interested in. Sites like Collectibles Museum, Collectibles Corner TV, Vintage Shopping Guide and the guy I wrote my last post about, Auction Wally. These sites are driven and maintained by folks who are crazy passionate about their subject matter; they are becoming tomorrows antiques and collectibles leaders.

You see, the economy will turn around, I don’t know when, but when it does, these sites will have the readership that cares enough about antiques, collectibles and vintage to take positive buying action.

…so take time, to take stock of your passions…

…even Mickey Mouse knows its just a matter of time before your time will come around…

Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock sold by Dan Morphy Auctions with link follow

(Sold By Dan Morphy for $345.00)

I love an expert. They’re different, they are not average, they tinker, and research; buy and sell, and they tell stories about what it is that is so important to them. I like those stories…

Every antique and collectible has a story, a context. It’s that story or context that makes it so interesting, that makes you want to have one of these clocks for instance. Why one of these clocks and not a French or English wall clock, I don’t know, some people like the context of French or English wall clocks.

To each their own, the point is, gather to yourselves all the expertise you can about whatever it is that you are interested in. Let your passion drive your zeal, and you will have loyal customers for all of your days…

…don’t Shave Away the Good Stuff…

Ever Ready Safety Razor clock sold by Dan Morphy Auctions with link follow

(Sold By Dan Morphy Auctions for $7,150.00)

…In Other Estate Sales News …

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