Because Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets Tell Stories

We Might As Well Call Them Memory Bracelets!

Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet With 28 Charms $325.00

I believe in memory, and the way objects are understood to hold memory, to tell stories, and act as place markers; to me that is what Vintage Charm Bracelets do – They Hold Memories…

That’s what makes them so popular; that there is a story contained, and artfully dangling from each and every one of them…

“Memories, light the corners of my mind…”

Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet With 27 Charms $250.00

I think that it is a bit of a pity, that charm bracelets are not more explicitly defined as memory bracelets, or used to tell the story of a life – used as a narrative device; I just think that would be so rich if…they were.

If Your Grandmother Told the Story This Charm Bracelet Contains…

Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelet With 45 Charms $450.00

My suggestion to you, if you know that your Mother or Grandmother has a Vintage Charm Bracelet – is to have them tell the story that their charm bracelet contains. And to have them do that in front of a video camera, this could be an incredible and easy way to gather and collect a part of her history, that might otherwise be lost.

In a somewhat related post I wrote about a person who does this sort of thing for people: Estate Sales Photographs What Happens Too Them

Charmed I am Sure, May I drape from your wrist…?

Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelet With 29 Charms $250.00

Elegant, Classy, and Fun…Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelets are a great way to make your own individual fashion statement. Every one of them is different, each with their own story.

They are for the most part not name branded, or designer themed, but are more an expression of one woman’s experience navigating through her world, and more often than not they represent her story of love – how she loved, where she loved and with whom she loved…

Puffy Heart Charms Are The Big Ticket Charms…

We Have A Vintage Charm Bracelet With 3 Puffy Heart Charms $135.00

What do you think about Vintage Charm Bracelets as objects of memory…?

Do you have a Charm Bracelet with an interesting story?

Let Us Know…


Martin Codina

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5 thoughts on “Because Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets Tell Stories

  1. Yes, These are fabulous and sometimes I do see them. Its always so much fun to look at them and see the charms and imagine how carefully and over how many years these were put together. I really wish I’d had one. Of my own that is 🙂 I didn’t know that about the puffy hearts – I never cease to amaze myself about how wrong I am about what things to pick!


  2. Memories dangling from a wrist! I have a couple of memory bracelets, not handed down, but ones that I have found over the years and cannot bear to part with, they are like the old photographs they were someones cherished memories from long ago. Thank you for a wonderful insight into the charm bracelet.

  3. I have a gold memory bracelet. On it is my baby ring, the emblem from my high school ring, the key from the college I graduated. I also have my birth month with the day I was born marked with a diamond from my mothers wedding ring. I have a convertible auto, my first car purchase, a jet plane, I flew to Germany to be married to my soldier finance. I have charms representing the countries I visited while living in Europe. The Eiffel tower, a wine bottle,a cuckoo clock. To help me handle my tribulations, a four leaf clover and a mustard seed. I worry about who I will leave it to and who will treasure it when I am gone. Who will treasure it as much as I do?

  4. I had 3 charms bracelets, 1 gold & 2 sterling. The oldest was given to me by my parents when I was 13. I’ve already passed it on to my daughter. I wear the other bracelet everyday, except when I’m at work. I love it…personally! Each sterling charm has a story behind it, even the ones that were gifts. I seldom ever wear it that someone doesn’t ask me to tell them about each charm…which I gladly proceed to do. I’ll be 60 on my next birthday & my favorite charm is a JACK STONE (like 1 we played with when we were young) that my Sister just recently gave me, because she never could beat me at jacks! I change them out, occasionally, when I get a new one that I just MUST put on. My gold bracelet is still “under construction”. I haven’t put on all the charms because I haven’t found the 14 kt gold rings yet. Yes, they’re your LIFE STORY and a SCRAPBOOK of your life. I love the jingle they make when you were them. I’ve had a lot of men coment on the bracelets by saying they remember their mom, or a favorite aunt, having one & how fancinated they were by them. Lots of people are wearing them now, guess the trend is coming full circle again. I have about 15 really to go to a local art & craft bazzar. Maybe some people will want one to start their story! Will let you know. Have a good day! Judi

  5. I am Englishman living in Ukraine and i have a Ukrainian wife she has never seen or heard about charm bracelets so i have bought her one from the UK second hand so that she can see what it is ever one that sees it asks what does it mean as they are not sold here she now wants to collect charms and add them to hers Oksana read your letters and found them very interesting Thank you Karl & Oksana

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