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Conducting Your Own Estate Sale? Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Conducting Your Own Estate Sale? Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

It’s going to be difficult no doubt, but an estate sale is still the best way to sell personal property!


When you face a financial difficulty, you call an accountant, CPA. or at the very least, a bookkeeper.

If you face legal challenges, you call the best attorney that you can afford.

When you sell your home, most of you wouldn’t try to do so without hiring a Realtor.

You hire the above people because, it is the prudent course of action to take in order to best protect your assets, and or freedoms. You expect to pay these people, and hiring professionals also saves you tons of aggravation.

So why, would you ever consider Staging your own Estate Sale

Money, that’s what it often comes down to; people trying to save a few bucks will drive themselves mad, because they either think that estate liquidators charge too much, or they think that they can’t find someone they can trust.

Folks, give yourself a huge emotional break, find someone you can trust. Hire a professional. Save yourself the time and heart wrenching experience of conducting your own estate sale. Estate sales are hard enough for professionals to pull off, you may not stand a chance if you try to do your own estate sale. You more than likely will get picked!

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So you want to be in the Estate Sales Business

“But You Don’t Know Where To Start”

Here is an actual ad for an estate sale being conducted by Heartland Estate Sales in Omaha Nebraska: Today’s project is to learn how and where to research the Antiques and Collectibles that are part of this estate sale.

But First A Few Photos…

Copy Of Heartland Estate Sales Ad:

Date: August 22nd – 24th, 2009 Place: 7416 S. 20th Street, Signs at Rt75 and Chandler Rd., Omaha, NE

Preliminary Look: Lots of Guns 15-20 handguns, rifles, and shotguns, Knives include: Rare German Flyers Knife, USM and Navy knives, Pal hunting knife, Compound Bows, lots of fishing gear and vintage tackle, Lots of Costume jewelry (all from this house includes Brookraft, Cameos, Charel, Coro, Haskell, Hollycraft, Kramer, Lisner, Matisse, Roberts, Renoir, Trifari, vintage Turquoise, Vendome, Weiss, West Germany and more to come), Lots of Tools (mostly old), Lots of collectibles (Art Nouveau Lamp with Nudes, Antique Atwood Kent Radio with Horn, Zeiss Ikon camera, antique clocks, 2 antique Horse Harnesses with collars, camel back and immigrant trunks, Thorens disc music box with 10 discs, Marianne Eagle Sward Verdun 1916 Military Bronze Medal By Pillet (1869-1960), neat vintage Christmas Tree motion lamp, Trench/Shell Art pieces, pocket knives, pens and pencils, pocket watches, marbles, stamps, antique oil lamps, Singer Treadle machine oak cabinet, ), nice glassware and china, vintage childrens books, lots of standard household, lawn and garden,

Before I can properly price an estate sales item, I have to know what it is. So the first thing I do is identify each item. After I identify what the piece is, I think of each item as representing a category – a keyword, or a search term.

…I then conduct a Google Search…

But I have found that if I just Google each of these categories of collectibles, many times my search results are way to broad. So the trick is to learn how to narrow my search terms so that they produce search results that are relevant to the information I am seeking,

There are easy and hard ways to research Antiques and Collectibles….

Here’s the hard, but rewarding way…

Firearms: Collectible Knives and Bayonets: Bayo Hunter Compound Bow: eBay completed listings. Fishing Gear and Tackle: Joe’s Old Lures Costume Jewelry: Milky Way Jewels Costume Jewelry Makers Marks Old Tools: Union Hill Antique Tools Atwood Kent Radio: Atwater Kent Cameras: Classic Cameras Thorens: Mechanical Music
Antique Clocks: Gutlin Antique Clocks g Trench Art: Trench Art Vintage Pens: Vintage

The aboveĀ  websites will teach you a great deal about the collectibles and antiques listed in the Heartland Estate Sales Ad, but sometimes you need a single source for researching antiques and collectibles…because you are moving fast…

Here is a site that will give you real time access to high quality price information quickly and accurately. It has a diverse and large price and item description data base for almost any antique or collectible that has been sold at auction…


Prices 4 Antiques.Com

I wish you the best success. The Estate Sales business is like no other….it is truly an honor to aid and assist families move through the estate liquidation process.

Good Luck!!!

Martin Codina
Founder and CEO

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How To Do An Estate Sale

So you want to know how to conduct an Estate Sale?

Pictures of Estate sales set up main

The very first things you want to consider about Estate Sales are:

  • Has enough time passed?
  • Are you ready to conduct an Estate Sale?
  • What are your objectives?

Has Enough Time Passed?

Here’s what I have found to be true about people who are contemplating conducting an estate sale.

  • They have waited so long to take action, that they are now under a lot of pressure to empty a house.
  • They have not taken enough time to let the grief process run its course, and they empty a house too soon.

…So take your time, but not too much time…

Pictures of Estate sales set up 1

Are You Ready To Conduct an Estate Sale?

The most important thing to know is, how to obtain Estate Sales information.

  • If you are going to do your own estate sale, align yourself with a dealer type, or an appraiser who can help you determine realistic values.
  • Make sure that your estate sale will be properly staffed, and that you know where to advertise.

…Get ready for your Estate Sale, by gathering the proper information…

Pictures of Estate sales set up 4

What are your Estate Sales Objectives?

Is your Estate Sale meant to “Just Get Rid Of Stuff” or is meant to generate income?

  • If your Estate Sale is just to get rid of stuff, with no need of income, consider a charitable donation instead.
  • Generally to add value to something, you must add time to it. In other words generating income through Estate Sales will take a time commitment.

…Become as clear as you can about your Estate Sales expectations…

Pictures of Estate sales set up

I wrote a complete Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide:

You can read all about it here at “The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide.”

For a limited time, and to make the Estate Sales Guide available to as many people as possible during the Estate Sales Season, I have discounted it. Now you can save real money, on your way to generating income, while at the same time learning the best way to conduct your own estate sale…

If you already have enough information about the guide, the links below will take you directly to the shopping cart. Although I do advise that you first go to the above link to read up on all the features and benefits you will receive with The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide.

Thank You.

Martin Codina

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Estate Sales Prices

Estate Sales Prices: How come Estate Sales Companies charge so much for “Stuff?”


It’s all about the contrast isn’t it? I mean if you compare the prices charged for estate sales items to the prices you find at Garage Sales then you are going to feel like Estate Liquidation Company’s charge too much money.

But Do They Charge Too Much?

Well sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Before I go into how estate sales company’s price items I want to examine just a bit the differences between most estate sales and your average garage or yard sale.

Estate Sales vs. Garage Sales!


The biggest difference between Garage Sales, and Estate Sales is that Garage Sales sell stuff that is no longer wanted; sells items that have been heaped into boxes or strewn onto tables; items that were stored away in garages as undesirable, and now the owner of these things wants to offload them as soon as possible. They want to “Get rid of it” because these items are no longer useful to them, and it is the hope of the owner that this can best be accomplished by offering them to the public at very low prices. Most of them are trying to declutter or open up space, and give themselves more room.

And this strategy works for them…but

It doesn’t work for an Estate Liquidation Company because they represent the interest of families who until very recently wanted their “Stuff” who valued their “Things.”

How do Estate Sales Company’s Arrive At Those Crazy Prices?


It’s simple, they follow the math of their past estate sales pricing strategies.

And then they shift their perspectives all the time to include new sales and pricing information. If a Duncan Phyfe dining table didn’t sell at their last sale for $1,000.00, most professionals are going to lower the amount they attempt to charge for this kind of table the next time they have one for sale.

The Market is King, or Queen if you prefer, and determines Estate Sales prices…


If you shop at a lot of estate sales, I advise you try the following: Go back to an estate sale on it’s final day, even almost at the final hour of the sale, and see how much inventory they have left compared to how much they started with. If they have over 30% of what they started the estate sale with, then their prices were too high. But if they have 30% or less of the original contents of the house left, then they have done a great job, both for their clients and their purchasing customers.

Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation Companies Serve Two Masters!


The seller who wants as much as they can reasonably get in the shortest time possible, and the estate sale buying public that wants the best possible deals.

Setting the right estate sales price on everything in an estate is never easy, it isn’t rocket science though.

My name is Martin, and I am an Estate Liquidator and simply stated – “I Love My Job.”

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Estate Sales Help and Estate Liquidation Information

Extra! Extra!

Now Here Is Some
Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation Help and Information
You Can Use!

Nation Wide, Estate Sales Shoppers Are Tearing Into Piles of Bargains!

Estate Sales are gaining in popularity, and they more than out perform garage sales in generating income from the sale of inherited personal property. Take a Saturday or Sunday drive through almost any community, and you’ll likely notice some Estate Sales signs taped, or stapled to utility poles, or sandwich board style signs, announcing “This way to an Estate Sale.”

Estate Liquidation – Estate Liquidator – Estate Sales, What do these terms mean?

Estate Liquidation: Is an industry that has grown in recent years, to address the needs of executors and others to liquidate, or sell inherited personal property. It has also become the means by which people facing the problems of downsizing, moving or relocation sell the contents of their homes.

Estate Liquidator: Is a professional who liquidates personal property.

Estate Sales: Are in house sales events that sell household property.

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