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Antiques: Absinthe Spoons, Business Machines and Cigar Bands


Research Your Antiques and Collectibles By Clicking On A Letter

Some Reviews Of Antiques and Collectibles Research Sites

Because we at Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation are absolutely committed to aiding and assisting you in making the right choices with regard to the proper valuation and sale of your Antiques and Collectibles, we created this list of research and resource sites. From time to time we will add reviews of some of the sites you will find by using our Antiques and Collectibles Research links…

Absinthe Spoons

The Virtual Absinthe Museum

The Virtual Absinthe Museum is an all in one Antique Absinthe Resource and Research site. If you are looking for a rare Sterling Silver absinthe spoon like the one pictured above or an Absinthe poster, which by the way are all truly glorious to look at, then this site, with its super easy to use navigation is the place you either want to shop, or use to research your Absinthe Collectibles.

Business Machines and Office Equipment

1885 Dixon Lamson Pencil Sharpener from Office Museum

The Early Office Museum

The Early Office Museum is my kind of site. Look at the above 1885 Dixon Lamson Pencil Sharpener; so different than what is available to sharpen pencils today. In the 1880’s when it came to office equipment, the two things they had not a lack of were aesthetics and functionality. This antique sharpener has both in spades.

If you have a true Antique Office Rarity, you should drop them an email with some photos, who knows, they may be interested.

Also, and this is kooky, if you have one of those old office staplers, and you wonder who on earth has staples for these things, then your search is over. They sell them. Wow, imagine that.

Cigar Bands and Boxes

Cigar Box Labels.Com

Cigar Box Labels Dot Com is chock full of the most amazing cigar box labels and cigar related ephemera on the internet. It might literally take you days to plumb and investigate its depths. Their site has an easy and flowing Gallery Style Navigation system, making your task of cigar label research so much more fruitful, as well as so much more manageable.

It all here, from the most expensive to the modestly priced. And the visuals just don’t stop; page after page of the best in cigar boxes and labels – representing some of the best illustration the cigar advertising and marketing world have ever produced.

This is also a great place to buy cigar labels if you are a collector, or to make sales inquires, if you have a collection you want to sell.

Reviews By

Martin Codina


Research Your Antiques and Collectibles By Clicking On A Letter

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Vintage Clothing at Estate Sales

Or, Where Do The Fashion Mavens Get Those Clothes…?

Let’s start this post with a splash of 1970’s Vintage Fashion color

Vintage 70s GOLDWORM dress from Couture Allure with link follow

(GOLDWORM Wool Jersey Evening Dress w/Silk Cape from Couture Allure)

What’s a guy to do, even a guy like me who supposedly knows a lot about antiques and collectibles, because I know my limits, so when it comes to Vintage Clothing, I am like most guys on any sunny day in the park, a bit of a clueless spectator, wanting to join the conversation, but not knowing what to say…

Floral Cotton Maxi Dress with link follow to Sewninpieces Etsy Store

(Floral Cotton Maxi Dress From Sewn in Pieces Etsy Store)

Here’s the simple truth about Vintage Clothing on the web, it’s a world ruled by woman, for woman, and it’s primarily about woman’s fashion. It’s not a casual observation by me, I have made a careful study of many Vintage Clothing sites, and the best, at least the ones I like, the ones that I think have the most visual appeal, the most internet savvy, have all been created by woman.

1950s Beaded Cashmere Cardigan Sweater from Joules Etsy Store with Link Follow
(1950s Beaded Cashmere Cardigan Sweater By Joules)

And they love each other, supporting sister sites with comments, suggestions, and Atta Girls – spreading link love like lip gloss on the warmest of sunny days. James Brown said “This is a Man’s World,” and maybe that’s true when it comes to machinery, and space walks or whatever, but when it comes to the Vintage Fashion World, the world of shoes and shapely dresses, at least from the perspective of this writer – It’s a Woman’s World, and that’s just fine by me.

Vintage Shopping Guide Logo with Link Follow

ADOLFO vintage clothing label with link follow to Vintage Fashion Guild

Vintage a La Mode Logo with Link Follow

Vintage Fashion Guild Logo with Link Follow
Vintage Shopping Guide Vintage Fashion Guild Label Research Vintage a la Mode Vintage Fashion Guild

Unlike guys who wear a pair of pants or a shirt until it’s threadbare, woman in general only lightly wear an article of clothing for a while before becoming sufficiently disinterested in it, and then they will store it in a closet, or a drawer or a box somewhere, and years will pass before somehow it is unearthed and made available at an estate sale, thrift shop, or a vintage clothing store. The best of these garments find their way onto the web to be admired, talked about and sold by the Queens of Fashion…

…It’s exciting to be an observer of this…or maybe I am a voyeur…

1920s wedding dress from Dorotheas Closet with Link Follow

(1920’s Wedding Dress from Dorothea’s Closet)

I might not be a Vintage Fashion Expert, but I do know how to score a great deal, and I know that when one of my estate sales has a quantity of Vintage Clothing for sale, the Vintage Clothing Merchants come out of the woodwork. The clothes literally fly off the rack. Here’s why, because estate liquidators can’t sell vintage fashion for what a vintage fashion website can. It’s just a fact, and because this is so, estate sales represent one of the best places to shop for vintage fashion, especially if your intention is to re-sell on-line or in a store.

I also like vintage fashion as a category of collectible because it represents a little understood market niche, and it is especially not super well understood by most Estate Sales Professionals. This is a way to spell PROFIT.

If you want to earn extra income, or even more importantly, if you want to establish a web presence, then become an authority about something that is little understood, and that’s what these awesome woman have done, they took back the male dominated world of fashion creation, and made the Vintage Fashion World, a world of their own, and to that I say Touché…

Martin Codina

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…In Other Estate Sales News …

We did it, irrational or rational as it may be – you be the judge, now you can follow

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I give you Mr. Walt Kolenda

What Makes Auction Wally So Truly Phenomenal?

The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow The Auction Wally Show Logo with Link Follow

…who else is so all over the net, providing such an array of Antiques and Collectibles resources…?

I have an observation and a prediction about Auction Wally: He’s just getting started, he is dedicated, and is going to be big…maybe as big as some of the other Big Time Antiques resource sites out there.

Here’s Why: Walt Kolenda understands how to use the internet. He understands that the old fashioned ways of old guard antique dealers is a thing of the past; that today, in order to be successful, you have to be a conduit for information.

…Auction Wally is a veritable fountain of information…

Image of Antique Marble Fountain Sold at Fine Estate Sales

…Here’s what you’ll find when you visit his site…

Selling Circus: Many articles, and post of immense value, written for anyone who wants to more thoroughly understand how to use the internet to promote their online activities.

Auction Wally Show: Weekly podcasts with Antiques and Collectibles insiders.

News: This is the part of his site where he writes about various news stories concerning auction price results, and other happenings.

Ask an Auctioneer: All of us, including me, from time to time need to ask an auctioneer a question. Send him your questions here. He will give you some answers about your items history and utility.

Central MA Events: Most of us online dealer types also have local business, and events that we are part of. Walt is from Central Massachusetts, so this is how he lets his local contacts know what he is up too.

Live Online Auctions: Extra Extra!!! Auctions called online by a true innovator.

Online Appraisals: For a mere pittance of a fee you can have any Antique or Collectible appraised online.

Auction Wally Has Aplomb and Style

Here is Tammy of Collectibles Corner TV Conducting an interview with Auction Wally…

…In Other Estate Sales News …

We did it, irrational or rational as it may be – you be the judge, now you can follow

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Martin Codina

Fine Estate Sales

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Stuff to Look For At Estate Sales

While these items are extremely rare, hence their high auction sales prices, it is definitely possible to find stuff like this at estate sales…

Stuff I Learned from Tammy…

California Clubhouse Whiskey bottle with link follow

(The California Clubhouse Whiskey Bottle $30,240.00)

At Collectibles Corner TV


Cast Iron Turtle Bank Mechanical Bank Sold by Morphy Auctions with Link Follow

(Cast Iron Turtle Bank Mechanical Bank $62,520.00)

I found the above info while watching the latest Collectibles Corner TV Episode: #35 Air Sickness Bags, An old bottle and Turtle…

#35 Air Sickness Bags, An old bottle and turtle? Junkables? Nao Porcelain, and the Forum

It’s these kinds of collectibles that you should be on the look out for when you go to estate sales. If you open your mind to the possibilities, get beyond your own expertise or collecting habits, and start to learn about other collectibles – become a bit more of a generalist, you just might make the big score.

As I have written in the past…If you are looking at something of which you can say “I’ve never seen anything like that before” chances are others haven’t either, and thereby your chances of not only making the “Big Score” increase, but your chances of having only the most unique items to sell will also increase.

In today’s market it is the Unusual that sells…

Like this very collectible Air Sickness Bag

1972 Republican Convention Air Sickness bag with link follow

Air Sickness Bag Museum

Three more reasons I love Estate Sales…

Martin Codina

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In Chicago? Want to Find Estate and Garage Sales Info?

Or do you want to learn where the best Thrift Stores and Garage Sales Are: Look No Further Than The Back Garage!

Back garage logo with link follow

Folks, I love a site like this. It is:

  • Super Clean.
  • Informative.
  • Easy to Navigate.

And it has a fantastic and highly useful list of articles and post all about what is near and dear to the heart of the Chicago collector who: Shops Estate Sales, Goes to Thrift Stores, Has Design Sensibilities, Uses Craigslist…

Here, are some recent article titles: Sunday Craigslist Roundup: Chicago, Chicago Thrift Store Guide Part 1: Driving,

She also did a series of articles about Chicago Estate Sales.

Find Something Like This Clock at an Estate Sale?

Back Garage logo link

Don’t Know how to research its value?

Here is a link to a recent post that gives their take on, How to Identity Any Vintage Object.

In closing I would like to encourage you to bookmark their site, especially if you go to Estate Sales in Chicago.

Find a Complete List of Chicago Estate Sales Companies Here.

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