Conducting Your Own Estate Sale? Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Conducting Your Own Estate Sale? Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

It’s going to be difficult no doubt, but an estate sale is still the best way to sell personal property!


When you face a financial difficulty, you call an accountant, CPA. or at the very least, a bookkeeper.

If you face legal challenges, you call the best attorney that you can afford.

When you sell your home, most of you wouldn’t try to do so without hiring a Realtor.

You hire the above people because, it is the prudent course of action to take in order to best protect your assets, and or freedoms. You expect to pay these people, and hiring professionals also saves you tons of aggravation.

So why, would you ever consider Staging your own Estate Sale

Money, that’s what it often comes down to; people trying to save a few bucks will drive themselves mad, because they either think that estate liquidators charge too much, or they think that they can’t find someone they can trust.

Folks, give yourself a huge emotional break, find someone you can trust. Hire a professional. Save yourself the time and heart wrenching experience of conducting your own estate sale. Estate sales are hard enough for professionals to pull off, you may not stand a chance if you try to do your own estate sale. You more than likely will get picked!

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