Contest Answer, Shameless Cadillac Ad, and a Question about Estate Sales

The answer to our contest question is


Here is how to search a mark like this: It’s simple really. Do a Google search for 925 TF, and the fourth site to come up will be a jewelry site created by – Carole Lane Antiques There you will discover the name “THEODOR FAHRNER”, and then you can do some additional Google searches on that name…uncovering a wealth of information about this incredible German jewelry maker…enjoy…The Search is everything.

Shameless Cadillac Ad:

Maybe you played the stock market

And you didn’t do so well

So you sold your Bentley

But you still need a luxury car

So you buy one of our Vintage Cadillac’s

Because you can’t see yourself in a bug…

Estate Sales Question:

Did you know that you could ask us an Estate Sales Question?

Estate Sales Answer: We hope you do, and we are glad to answer them…

For a list of questions to ask us, if you cannot think of one of your own, go to our main website, and check out our list of questions to ask an estate liquidator.

You can submit your questions by email to me at, or through the comment sections listed at the bottom of any of our post…

2 thoughts on “Contest Answer, Shameless Cadillac Ad, and a Question about Estate Sales

  1. Thanks Beth…sometimes it is that easy…and sometimes not! Your link to 925/1000, I hope, will be much appreciated by our readers…One wonders how we as dealers ever made it without sites such as these. I use them all the time…Martin

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