Could you have found this Action Comic #1 at an Estate Sale?


Cover of ACTION COMICS-1938 #1 Sold at Auction via Comic Connect.Com

Cover of ACTION COMICS #1 Sold for $2,161,000 at auction via Comic Connect.Com

(Graded a Very High 9.0)

This incredible comic, is like the Holy Grail of collectibles. Is it a mere stack of stapled, and folded funny book paper…a child tome of fantasy, a way out of the gloom of the impeding European war…a fluff piece of entertainment, never meant to be worth more than the .10¢ published purchased price?

A lot can happen on the way to a collectible becoming a collectible. The character of this Action Comic becomes an almost overnight sensation – the iconic man of steel, Superman. It is thought that of the 250,000 copies of this classic that were printed, only about 100 survive today.

Why does this matter?

This is a tale of two superman comics. One in unbelievably pristine condition…and one so tattered, soiled and dog-eared that it sells for less that a tenth of the price of the pristine Action Comic.

Condition Determines Value!

Cover of Action Comic #1 Sold at auction for $175,000 via Comic Connect.Com
This comic sold in 2013 at Comic Connect.Com for $175,000, you can read more about it here: Ken’s Korner
(Graded a Very Low 1.5)

What can you do if you find a comic like this…?

If you are an executor of an estate trying to figure out the difference between these two grades of comics (1.5 and 9.0), you will be at a real dis-advantage. Sure, you will be able to see some of the condition differences between the two, but are you the person who can tell the difference between a comic graded 2.5 and 4.5? This difference could be worth $25.000.

It takes years of experience to be able to understand the differences that exist within each grade, in the comic book grading systems. Here is a link to the Heritage Auctions Comic Grading Tutorial Page.

My firm suggestion, is that you seek out the advice and feedback of trusted experts…look for people who will act as your advocate, not people who are looking only to buy…

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