Dishonesty is Public Enemy #1 In the Estate Sales Business!

An Open Letter To Estate Sales Professionals

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Dear Estate Sales Professional,

I think that most of us are, to our core, honest and forthright in both our dealings with our clients as well as with our customer bases. Most of us have been in the business for years, and have developed a strong belief, that the longer we are in business, the more valuable it is for us to realize just how important it is to be forthright – direct in our client communications, and integrous when it comes to accounting for our actions on their behalf.

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There are many new Estate Liquidators out there…

I address the following to you…

As a new Estate Sales Professional, you must remember that there is only one end, or goal for you to serve, and that is for you to pursue the best possible economic outcomes for your clients.

There is nothing else that matters…not your profit or whether you can buy something from them for very little, and later resell for a much higher price, or that you now have the opportunity to sell to and impress your dealer friends.

Clients and the preservation of their goals is everything…

In The Estate Sales Business Trust Is Of Paramount Importance

Never split your focus from doing the best for your client: All better outcomes for you and your business flow from how well you do for them. Remember, you are in an unregulated business, that your actions on the local level will have an effect on our industry as a whole. Anyone who hurts a client in Houston, hurts the chances for some other estate liquidator to help a client in Chicago.

Here Is a Filter For Your Actions: Imagine how your actions will be viewed, if read in tomorrows newspaper…

News Travels Fast and Bad News Travels Even Faster…

Take Care Out There…

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All The Best,

Martin Codina

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