10 Step Estate Sales Guide

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

10 Step Estate Sales Guide

So that you can better understand the challenges you’ll face if you decide to stage your own estate sale I wrote this Simple 10 Step Estate Sales Guide to conducting your own Estate Sale. This is a simplified version of the expanded estate sales guide that you can find in Chapter 10 of my book “Liquidating an Estate.”  

 Hire a Professional Estate Sales Company Or Do It Yourself?

Should You Do Your Own Estate Sale?

All across this great country, and on just about any weekend, rain or shine, someone is staging or conducting an Estate Sale. From highly competent Estate Sales Professionals to Mom and Pop or Family efforts – each of them selling off the household accumulations of many years. Personally, I think that you should hire a professional to conduct your estate sale. I advise that. I think it best, but here’s the thing – not everyone has an estate that’s worth enough economically to attract the services, or interest of the so called professional. So people, real live families, are often left to stage their own estate sales. I created this guide for people who cannot for whatever reason, find an Estate Sales Company to stage an Estate Sale for them. I did this because I became very concerned that too many people were making costly mistakes – selling off their Grandparents heirlooms and such, for way too little.

Do your own estate sale if:
  1. You have a low or modestly valued estate. (Less Than $5,000.00)
  2. Truly cannot find a competent professional.
  3. Have had a professional appraisal and are certain of values.
Never or almost never do your own estate sale if:
  1. You are trying to save money.
  2. You do not handle confusion, crowds, or rudeness well.
  3. Are sentimentally attached to the items you are selling.
Hire a professional to conduct your Estate Sale when:
  1. There are high value items needing expert research and marketing.
  2. Have an Estate that needs extensive organization in order to properly stage an Estate Sale.
  3. You simply do not have the time.

A good Estate Sales Professional, one with experience and verifiable references, is more than worth their weight in gold. They and their teams vastly improve an estates ability to capture higher dollar figures via the sale of almost anything that you can find in a home…their efforts on behalf of your estate – the greater sales income they can generate, will more than pay for their services fees.

Please only use this guide if you cannot find a local estate sales professional to take on your project.

If you have a very complicated, or a high dollar value estate, our best recommendation for you, is that you contact us, or a seasoned professional in your area. Thank You Martin Codina Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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