Step 10/ Final Estate Sales Accounting

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

Step 10/ Final Estate Sales Accounting

In order to finish up the estate sales process completely you will need to have reconciled your books and compiled a final estate sales accounting. It is very likely that you have already opened a bank account in the name of the estate you represent. If you haven’t, ask your attorney what sort of documentation you will need to generate, in order to open one.

Great Estate Sales Records = Fewer Disputes with Other Heirs

  1. Keep a log of all of your expenses
  2. As you sell an item, write that items sales information into a log or a receipt book.
  3. At the end of the Estate Sale, transcribe your hand written log, or receipt book into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Please Note: Because laws vary from state to state, these 10 Steps To Running Your Own Estate Sale are meant solely as a guide, and are in no way meant to replace sound legal advice, which you should seek from your attorney.

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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