Step 2/ Estate Sales – Start At The Beginning

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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Step 2/ Estate Sales – Start At The Beginning

Just like other important task requiring effort, when it comes to Estate Sale, start at the beginning…

Secure all personal papers.

  • Ask your attorney, or accountant, to inform you which papers you should be on the look out for.
  • It is best to remove these papers from the premises for safe-keeping.

Search for hidden wealth.

  • People are clever when they hide their money, silver, jewelry, firearms or other valuables.
  • Remember, their intention was to place their valuables far out of harms reach. For peace of mind, do a complete and thorough search of the house.

Make the house ready for the heirs.

  • If there are other heirs who have some discretion over the contents of the home, do some preliminary layout and arrangement of the house’s contents to make their viewing process easier.

Pre-establish some personal property disbursement strategies.

  • It will be most helpful to work out your distribution strategies before the heir’s arrive. This can be done as a condition of the will. If all the personal property is not named or covered in the will, than a distribution strategy should be determined through consultation with your attorney.
  • Clearly stating your strategy as one that arises from the will of the decedent, or has been arrived at through consultation with your attorney, will make it easier for all parties involved.

Don’t throw anything away.

  • It is very advisable to have expert help to determine what to throw away and what to keep. “We can’t emphasize this enough!”
  • It is our long experience that people often throw valuable items away, because their value is not fully understood by them.

Here is our order of Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation.

First we try to sell it, then we try to give it away – what we cannot sell or donate we call debris…

  1. Sell to Public
  2. Donate to Charity
  3. Place residual items in a debris box

Thank You

Martin Codina
Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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