Step 4/ Estate Sales Pricing

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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Step 4/ Estate Sales Pricing

It’s time to start the estate sales pricing process. To make this easier, separate high value items and items you don’t fully understand, away from other items.

Price only what you know how to price…

To price higher value items, it is advisable for you to seek out some expert advice. You may be surprised to find, that some items you thought worthless, high have hidden values.

Use appraisers, antiques and collectibles price guides or both…

There are several good antiques and collectibles price guides available from your local book dealer. My two favorites are Kovels and Warmans.

The internet can also provide a wealth of information.


  • When in doubt about pricing, call an Estate Sales Professional in your area. (Do this even if you think you already know)
  • Use guide books, but only for guidance, not as an official means for establishing antiques and collectibles values.
  • Be prepared, by writing a list of questions to ask an expert about values.
  • Always Call an Appraiser for information about high value antiques and collectibles.
  • Use the internet (See below for a list of the ones I use).
  • Price your Estate Sales items using only dollar, fifty cent, or twenty-five cent increments.
  • Make sure to price all items that are being offered for sale, this will save a lot of time at check-out.

Thank You

Martin Codina
Fine Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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