Step 8/ Donations Post Estate Sale

Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

Step 8/ Donations Post Estate Sale

In reality, you are going to make charitable donations post estate sale of the personal property left over after your estate sale. There will be items left over, and donating them is a wise course of action.

Here are the names and phone numbers of a few charities

  • Goodwill Industries: 1-888-446-6394
  • Salvation Army: 1-800-958-7825

Note: If you decide not to  have an Estate Sale and choose instead to donate the estate’s contents, we advise you to have an estate appraisal done for tax purposes.

Make sure your appraiser adequately answer this question for you. “Are there any items I am contemplating the donation of, that have a hidden, but significant value?”

Make sure you check with your attorney, or accountant to see if you need to have a written pre-donation appraisal done for estate tax purposes.

If you decide to donate items from your estate before an Estate Sale, please check with your local Estate Sales Professional.

Many Items That You Think Should Be Donated, Have Actual Financial Value.

The sale of these items could enhance your sales revenues, and besides, there will be an opportunity to donate items from your estate post Estate sale.

Post Estate Sales Donations

Once the dust has settled, and your sale has been staged and conducted, you will find there are items left after your Estate Sale. Items too good to throw away, but generally not good enough to put into an auction.

These items are perfectly fine for you to donate.

Thank You

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Every Estate Sale Goes Through These Ten Steps

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