Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 11 – 12

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

In an Estate Sale, all manner of “Household Stuff” from Tupperware to Rolls Royces can Be Sold…Please Take Note: Don’t Throw Anything Away…

Day 11:

From 10:30am On: Today, I spent the better part of the day in a Bank Vault counting money…that’s right! I was in a Bank Vault – I was there to appraise silver, gold and platinum coins…over 600 Lots of them…Lucky Me.

The Strange Part: If I had found any of these coins in a house – I would, like any good Estate Sales Professional, be excited. I would shout or maybe gently exclaim…I found a Gold Coin…Yeah, over here, gold, and some silver ones too…and OH MY a Platinum One! Dang! But sitting in a bank vault, apprising the contents of 12 safety deposit boxes – breathing silent but valuable air…it all seemed a bit clinical…(Here’s a story about another Silver Haul I Found)

3:00pm: Responded to a call from a dealer who wanted to sell some sterling silver jewelry…nice stuff…! So of course I bought it…

4:30pm: Back in the office listing items on Ruby Lane, like a mad for sweetness honey bee.

7:00 – 10:00pm: Hey guess what? I am going to make our Do It Your Self Estate Sales Guide available for free…now people who have low valued estates, the kind of estates that professional don’t really want, will be able to help themselves, maybe make fewer mistakes…let’s at least hope so…This will all go up on this site in about a week.

Day 12:

I admit, Friday is a blur…It’s been difficult to keep up with this journal…but I am hanging in!

Morning: Spent a few hours on converting our Do It Your Self Estate Sales Guide, or I should say, rewriting our guide…

Very Late Morning: On my way to pick Katherine up, and OH Yeah, we’re going to do the East Bay Estate Sales Thing Again…

But First: We stopped to eat lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, near the Berkeley Bowl, named Juan’s Place. Then off into the wild blue yonder – up into the hills of Piedmont, where we went to an Estate Sale run by a nice guy named Dan May…Bought a large and interesting Bronze Plaque – it was a Plant Safety Award – the kind of thing an industrial plant hangs up somewhere amongst the bustle of its industry, to congratulate past safety, as well as to encourage future safety.

This thing must weigh in at 50lbs. It’s Kooky, and I like kooky…always buy Kooky…Kooky will always sell. I also bought a pair of German Foil Back Religious Motto paintings…and as luck would have it for Katherine, she was able to find and buy an arm load of vintage clothing.

By 4:00pm: Whenever I am in the Montclair area, I always have to go to this estate sales store called Montclair Estates – I bought some sterling and gold jewelry items there…which we will put in our Ruby Lane Shop…when we get the time…Then I went to Harvey Clars to pick up a Silver Chalice I bought in their last auction.

Home By 6:00pm: Another Satisfying day in the estate sales business…

All The Best,

Martin Codina

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