Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 13

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Think of the fee an Estate Liquidator earns for conducting your Estate Sale as the best money you’ve ever spent…a pro in your corner turning stuff into gold…

As Usual It’s 6:00am: I am listing…and looking things up. If I were an MIT Scientist you’d call it researching and cataloging. Hard to believe that there are Estate Liquidators out there who still fly by the seat of there pants…thinking they know most things already, that they don’t need to research stuff, cuz they know sooo much, bout the biz.

I say, please lead me to their estate sales, I got a pocketful of cash, and I am wanting the deals, like you, I am here to have fun and make a profit.

Once: There was an estate liquidator in my area who patiently explained that he and I were different; why he charged way less. He said, “He was a Liquidator and that I was a person who Staged Events…” I am fine with this, and by the way, I am sure that it has not escaped your notice that people who go to Antique Shows pay more…I am comfortable with that, having an elevated clientele, who like shopping our sales, because they are clean, clearly priced, and well run…and yes the public will pay a bit more for this…

Oh, what was the point I was making: Oh yeah, I do research, lot’s of research. Mostly early in the morning – in those quiet hours, before the night has completely realized, that it is day that has come, with all the intricacies of its busy details.

10:00am: Finds me back in the Bank Vault counting Collectible Silver, Gold and Platinum coins…we did 4 more safety deposit boxes today…putting each drawer safely back into the vault when we were done…

12:30pm – Lunch for The Almost Famished: Well I am near the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, so I go to Canyon Market – order a Cold Bar-B-Que Chicken Sandwich with Jack Cheese, Cole Slaw and Bit of Mustard on it for lunch. And where do I eat this sandwich? In my car of course…I love eating in my car…kinda.

1:30pm: I meet Valetta at a house in the Twin Peaks Area. We are there to sign a contract for our next Estate Sale, which I am happy to report is this weekend – and when I say that this house will be packed with all sorts of cool things, consider this description as falling short of the mark, this sale promises to be more than memorable…perhaps even spectacular.

2:30pm…yes, I am at another appointment: I got a call a few days ago from a man, who was needing to downsize. He and his wife and child had all been in the process of packing, shifting things around, and trying to figure out what to keep and what to sell before Valetta and I had arrived. This man had once upon a time been in the diplomatic corps, and was stationed in Thailand and Viet-Nam for many years…the house had more statues of Buddha than your average country side temple…on the walls were old shop signs painted with kanji script…lots of teak furniture and such…all very nice…but, and in the estate sales business, there is often a but – this guy and his family really has more thinking to do…which is always fine by us.

My 3:00pm Quick Detour: Valetta and I also went to a few estate sales, that just happened to be on our way, and I scored a big marooned colored oil jar…Nice! Paid dearly for it to, and hope someday I can recoup my money.

By 4:30pm: I part company with Valetta, to make my way across the Oakland Bay Bridge to visit a client with some jewelry items for sale, which of course I buy, paying fairly for it, and am sure, I will make a bit for the effort.

6:30pm: Home Safely, and thinking about the estate sale we’re going to have next week…hope to see you there.

All The Best,

Martin Codina

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