Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 15

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Before conducting your own estate sale, at the very least hire experts to check your pricing, selling cheap is one thing, but giving away treasure is quite another!

Day 15:

It’s estate sales set up day…won’t have much time, can’t go into the blow by blow of my day today…setting up a house for a sale is time consuming…

My most favorite part of a day is when the phone rings, and I am surrounded by three or four staff members…each with price stickers and sharpies in hand…waiting for me to give them a price for something…and I say “Hello, Fine Estate Liquidation, this is Martin Codina, How may I help you…” This is a marvelous business. One I hope to be in for all of my days…and a few more after that too.

Estate Sales Professionals…I mean how many of you know what an Estate Liquidator Does…?

I was thinking about all the “Antiques and Collectibles” types of shows on TV these days…how very interesting they each are, how people want to know, I mean really want to know all about what I call “The Story.”  Pawn Stars is nothing without that story. American Pickers is nothing without that story. Cash & Cari is nothing without that story.

“The Story” Is Not About The $ Value of Our Stuff

Oh yeah, I wanna see the stuff too…I want to stare in disbelief at a $400,000.00 Navajo Chiefs Blanket just like you do. But, I also wonder about the guy who brought it in. How long did he and his family have it? Was it their Grandfather or Grandmother who gave it to them?

I also get very curious about all the near misses with disaster that that blanket had to go through in order to one day find its way to the center stage of the Antiques Roadshow. The mildew it missed in the basement. The leaking roof in the attic that it somehow avoided. Let’s not even go into Kids. How this blanket avoided being made into a fort or spread on the floor of a teenagers garage to sop up an oil leak from the teens 57 Chevy Bel Air project car.

What I am trying to say is that all antiques and collectibles are survivors. To even still exist, each one has had to pass through the eye of a storm…avoiding destruction.

Estate Sales Are All About Stories Too

But for me the the thing that these TV shows still haven’t really captured is the nitty gritty of the tough decisions that millions of Americans face each and every year; when it comes to the personal property they have inherited…the stocks and the bonds, and the real estate, they know what to with these…for the most part they call experts.

But What About Stuff? What do you do with it? How much is it worth? Who do you call? Well there is a small but growing group of people, mostly former antiques dealers and collectors, maybe even a picker or two, who have quietly been building an industry… It’s called Estate Liquidation, and an Estate Liquidator, is one who conducts an in house Estate Sale.

Stay Tuned as the say in the TV Business, I’ll write more on this subject, as time permits…

This Site Is My Gift:To the elderly who don’t know where to turn for Estate Sales Information, to their sons and daughters who are trying to figure it all out, and to the Estate Sales Professional, who desires only the best for their clients…

All The Best

Martin Codina

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