Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 3

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Day 3:

Later Than Usual Wake Up: It’s 7:30am on a Sunday morning…woke up later than usual this morning because Valetta and I had a babysitting gig last night, and didn’t get back from the city until 12:30am or so…

More Of This Research Stuff: Researched 5 or 6 items of silver we are going to put up on Ruby Lane. Put my Face on with Facebook Twittered with Twitteratti on Twitter…wasted a little bit of time drinking coffee…

Then I got busy: Listed 5 items on Ruby Lane. Here’s the thing, the estate sales business is, well at least for us, a lifestyle job. We don’t stop, just because we do not have a current sale. There is always something to do…personally I like to shop for antiques and vintage stuff to put either into an upcoming auction or up on Ruby Lane. The getting of these things to an auction house, or the listing of them up on Ruby Lane happens in the so called downtime between estate sales.

10am: Drove to Petaluma to pick up my son…while driving I fielded a call from a client who wants to do an Estate Sale…he’s changed his mind for now…this happens from time to time, people change their mind a lot especially about timing…it can be so hard for people to finally let go of their loved ones possessions.

I’ll write about this soon, it’s the inertia, the stickiness of stuff…

11:00am: Picked up my son August, and we went for a nice long drive, out from Petaluma, through the gentle rolling hills west of town, into the extreme north part of Marin County, which ironically is called West Marin – to the town of Tomalas. Then down the coast of Tomalas Bay to eventually end up in the awesome and picturesque town of Point Reyes Station – where we had lunch at The Pine Cone Diner…nice to see old friends there…

1:30pm or so: We left Point Reyes Station and made our way to an estate sales shop located on Sir Francis Drake in Forest Knolls called R.W. Estate Sales, where of course I had to buy an old Navajo Sterling Belt Buckle, 18K Gold Cameo Brooch, and a sculptural piece of jewelry whimsy by Sajen.

Home By 3:30pm: Beginning To List Again – Oh and I talked with that woman who has 2 Gill Paintings for sale – she’ll call back tomorrow, maybe I’ll buy them soon…hope so!

Listed 11 Items Today

Martin Codina

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