Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 4

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Day 4:

Ever had a day, where you know you worked, where a great many things were accomplished – where you knew you were out of breath at least several times from the effort of your movements, but if you were pressed to answer the question, “So what did you do today” you wouldn’t be able to exactly answer?

But You Would Know: That the emails had been answered, that the phone calls were all  returned, that your books were in order, and that you had shipped orders near and far – to the best kind of people any business can have, namely your customers.

Today Was A Day Like That: Because I did not write the details down as I traveled, or spoke, I’ll recapture the essences of the day for you the best that I can.

Mondays always begin with a drive to Petaluma, to drop my son off at school, why does my son go to school 20 miles from where I live, well that is a very long story, and one that I may fill you all in on at some other time.

When I got back to the office: I got lost in the details of running a business, I was all arms a-kimbo…I was the Phone Man…I was an Automatic Dialer…I was Mr. Antique Researcher looking for answers…I was, “Have I Got A Deal For You, answering queries and offers…

The Coolest Thing I’ve Listed In A Long Time:

Sterling Puffy Heart Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelets: These little sterling dangles of light and repousse art forms, are so awesomely popular…if you are an Antiques Dealer, or and Estate Sale Professional, take heed…these babies are valuable…far exceeding their value as silver…the above example carries the hefty price tag of $575.00.

All My Best To Each Of You Out In Estate Sales and Antique Collecting Land…

Martin Codina

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