Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 8

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Day 8:

Got up early, gulped a cup of coffee, steeled myself for a day on the road, doing what else? That’s right, today is an  Estate Sales Road Trip Day!

7:30am: I am on my way through the almost very early Saturday morning traffic…not many people yet on the road…I am going to the East Bay. Maybe I’ll be like a Secret Estate Sales Shopper today, see how others conduct their estate sales…learn something – perhaps pick up a bargain or two.

8:15am or so: I roll up to my daughter Katherine’s place in Berkeley, you know Katherine if you come to our estate sales, she’s grown up in the business, and is so much a vital part of what we do here at Fine Estate Liquidation, I am not sure we could function without her. Anyway she loves vintage clothing. Loves It! Wants It! Has Got to Shop For It…she sells here in her Etsy Shop: Sewn In Pieces.

By 9:30am: We are waiting in the car for a School Rummage Sale to begin…don’t generally like these very much, but Katherine thinks there will be much in the way of vintage clothing there to shop for…While waiting, we are struck by how much this waiting experience is so much like what our estate sales customers must go through – “Will they opened on time, will there be anything left to buy, will we make any money…” and so on. She Buys an Outstanding Vintage Cork Celluloid Necklace, and a few dresses….

Next 10 to 10:00am: Waiting again, but no big deal…for the Addison Studio Sale to begin. Tiny little store that doubles by weekday as an antiques store, and then it’s transformed on certain weekends into a bizarre of sorts…all kinds of items, both little and tall, tiny and large – clothes and notions…lots of Etsy type people in line…I am wondering what I am doing there, and so does Lyn Goldfinger of Paris Hotel Boutique – she’s there with Renee. But I know why I am there, to stare into a jewelry case and buy a vintage Thick Ivory Bracelet, Figural Sewing Tape Measure, and a Gold Wash Over Sterling Giraffe Pin by Trifari…and Katherine? She buys two bags of Vintage Dresses…

We Make Clar’s Auction by about 11:20am or so: Just checking in on their Saturday sale – see all kinds of people there…some who say hi, and others who are trying to clandestinely bid..hey, everyone needs their privacy…

I don’t bid on anything, in fact Katherine and I hit another estate sale in North Oakland, one run by Steven Mazzio of Lux Estate Services, a company I did not know about, but this is the East Bay after all, I hardly ever go shopping in the East Bay. This guy Steven seemed to know what he was doing – the place was clean, very ordered in fact – I bought a Vintage Asian Breast Plate, with a Coral Figure of a Buddha sitting within its splendor of brass filigree…Katherine bought a bunch of dresses…I tried to convince her to take a chance on an Old Army Jacket, but she wasn’t having any part of that…

Lunch 1:00pm: This is a road trip, so we eat our gourmet sandwiches purchased from the Pasta Shop in Oakland, and make our way to Moraga…OH Dang!…Moraga! I’d like to complain about the professional we found conducting this estate sale, but why bother, she probably was tired, crowds of estate sales shoppers can, and often do wear on the good graces of an Estate Liquidator…think she’ll get over it? Of course she will..tomorrow will be better for her…let’s hope.

We Leave Moraga at 2:30pm: I drop Katherine back off in Berkeley, and make my way back home to San Rafael, satisfied with the day – especially one where I get to spend so much time with my daughter…

Home: In the office again, researching stuff, answering emails and thinking about our next estate sale…more on that tomorrow…

All The Best To Each Of You,

Martin Codina

2 thoughts on “Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 8

  1. That was a beautiful day. It brought me back to the old days when every Sunday rain or shine we went estate sale trolling in SF. Then as now you would immediately sift through piles of jewelry and I would go straight after the clothes. I am glad for some small things in life to never change, except for of course the locations and the treasures.

  2. …amen, and amen again…Katherine, you were and still are so patient with your Pops…and I am so very thankful for this…Martin

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