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Gill Airbrush Painting!
We just found another.

The artist known as Gill is a mystery.

All that is really known about Gill is that sometime
beginning in the 1930’s he painted paintings in this style, using mostly
Hawaiian Themes, and that these paintings were either framed by, or retailed
through a San Francisco shop called Parmalee.

I have been in the Estate Liquidation business for the last
15 years, and I have only personally purchased three other examples of this artist’s

Find these and enjoy them as works of art.
Find these and sell them for profit.
Find these? Call, and maybe I’ll buy one.

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I was minding my own business

Just doing my Twitter thing – Hanging out – trying to get noticed…maybe get a ReTweet or something, when along comes Tracy from Crazy Suburban Mom suggesting I write a Retro Tuesday post about How to Buy at Estate Sales…I said yes, before thinking the whole thing through, before remembering I get stage fright when I have
to dance for the first time on a new stage. Read the rest here

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