San Francisco Estate Sales

San Francisco Estate Sales

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Martin Codina
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My name is Martin Codina and I have been conducting Estate Sales throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over thirteen years.

As a company, our one goal has always been to maximize the income of our clients estates; using every estate sales, estate liquidation, and auction tool known to the industry.

As an estate liquidator I have been privileged to work in one of the worlds most unique profession. Everyday I assist clients in making the behind the scenes decisions they need to make, in order to sell, or liquidate the personal property of a loved one.

This Estate Sales Site Is My Gift To You.

I have assisted and worked in every kind of Estate Sales situation that there is San Francisco; from a modestly appointed apartment, to the homes of its wealthiest citizens.

I know what it’s like to see people who have lived at their most desperate, surrounded by an impossible mountain of possession, or the lucky one’s for whom it all seems to have worked out fine; nice homes, furnishings, and wealth.

And here is what I have learned: Everyone of my clients is human, and as such, is deserving of my respect.

Use this site as an Estate Sales reference resource for San Francisco, or for an estate sale anywhere in the country.

It is full of estate sales information of immense value. My fondest wish is for you to have access to as much information about estate sales, and how to find the right estate liquidator in your area, as is possible, wherever you live.

If after interviewing the Estate Sales Professionals in San Francisco, you find that you want to conduct your own estate sale, check out this site – “The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide!”

Let me know how I can help with your Estate Sales Process.


Martin Codina

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