Estate Sales: Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 1

…Each day for the next 30 days, I will write about my experiences as an Estate Sales Professional…

Estate Sales: 30 Day Diary Of An Estate Liquidator Day 1

6:ooam: I have already researched as many as 12-15 sites purporting to give instruction in how to best take photos of small silver and gold objects…ya know we always like to have awesome pictures of our Ruby Lane items, if you can’t see it, you can’t buy it…and we rather like it when people buy…so we are always trying to improve our estate sale items picture taking.

Written 3-4 client emails: I write a lot of my return emails very early in the morning – my thinking is often clearer then – before the fog of the day comes…

Visited: Each morning I take a look at various stats and I address various issues that crop up from time to time for the 3 or 4 websites I write and care for…

Maybe About 8:00am: I Evaluated an offer from a Ruby Lane customer who was making an offer on a Walter Lampl Puffy Hear Charm….who knew these were worth so much money…question is – should I accept $150.00 for the charm or hold out for $190.00… think I’ll counter the $150.00 with $170.00.

Today’s Agenda: Lots of task to accomplish today, prime amongst them is to sell a 1999 Toyota Avalon XLS with only 63K miles on it. I have to get at least $5,900.00 for it, or I may disappoint a certain fiduciary. Plus there is a whole bunch of other stuff to do…because there are always at least 1001 things left to do in the Estate Sales Business.

10:00am Maybe 11:00am: Researched and listed these Rare Leslie Durbin Salt and Pepper Shakers – without research, you are lost, without having an informed place to turn for high quality information, as an estate sales person, why you’re lost…

Added These Items to Our Ruby Lane Shop:

Filled a Ruby Lane Order: After a very long time someone finally bought a really cool Taxco Sterling Dagger Pin…just goes to show, trust your instincts when you buy something for resale, if you like it enough to buy i, someone else will too…hang in there.

On the Phone As Per The Usual: Talked with my auction placement person, phone queries from here and there, dwelt with an errant package, had to explain to the customer, the post office – hey they just do what they do, yes, and that sometimes includes delivering the mail.

One of the phone calls I got was from an old client asking “Are you still in the estate sales business…me saying while trying to remember the estate I once upon a time helped her with – well yes I am, indeed years later, I am still in the estate sales business, and thank you very much I am glad that I am.

Now Its High Noon: And Yes, I know you were paying attention earlier when I said I had to sell a car, well I just did, signed the paper work a moment ago, and now the car – I can see its tail lights fading in the distance.

Yeah Shhh, I am on the Phone: Again…then I am editing more photographs for our Ruby Lane Shop…

Now For Something Different: Yes to the Document Shredder on behalf of a client – don’t want their personal papers getting into the wrong hands after all…

Side Trip and Excursion #1: Yes to the dump with an item or two, at least it’s not a whole trucks worth.

Side Trip and Excursion #2: Drove to Tiburon and dropped documents off to our auction placement guy.

Side Trip and Excursion #3: Drove to San Francisco, to drop off still more docs and paperwork to one our past estate sales clients.

Fielded Phone Calls While Driving: Well there you go…Bingo – Just received a commitment for a future estate sale in April.

Lis Golden McKinley – check her out here “Let’s Make Room” called: She’s letting me know about some possible interest a certain journalist may have in writing about our $500.00 Gold Teeth Reward.

Client Dinner 6:00pm: Our last estate sales client in San Rafael invited us out to dinner…how nice is that? So of course we said yes – Going to the Sea Food Peddler in San Rafael.

Home From Dinner 9:00pm: I write this a happy and well fed man, I can’t think of any way finer to be then that…

Martin Codina

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