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Nation Wide, Estate Sales Shoppers Are Tearing Into Piles of Bargains!

Estate Sales are gaining in popularity, and they more than out perform garage sales in generating income from the sale of inherited personal property. Take a Saturday or Sunday drive through almost any community, and you’ll likely notice some Estate Sales signs taped, or stapled to utility poles, or sandwich board style signs, announcing “This way to an Estate Sale.”

Estate Liquidation – Estate Liquidator – Estate Sales, What do these terms mean?

Estate Liquidation: Is an industry that has grown in recent years, to address the needs of executors and others to liquidate, or sell inherited personal property. It has also become the means by which people facing the problems of downsizing, moving or relocation sell the contents of their homes.

Estate Liquidator: Is a professional who liquidates personal property.

Estate Sales: Are in house sales events that sell household property.

Estate Sales – A brief History:

While it’s true that people have been selling their personal belongings to others for centuries, it is also true that it was mostly the possessions of the wealthy that were being sold.

It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, and the overall economic improvements it brought to local communities, that the average person’s home began to overflow with consumer goods.

When this happened, people’s families could no longer absorb the personal property contents of estates that they were inheriting into their homes. So they started to look for other ways to sell, or disperse these items.

For a long time Auctions were the preferred way to liquidate this property.

But this has changed. A different kind of industry has grown to address the needs of both estate sales consumers, as well as estates needing to liquidate.

In the 60’s and the 70’s Estate Sales were mostly conducted by nice, or maybe not so nice “Little old ladies.”

They did a great job for a long time, but then, mostly because of a mixture of nostalgia and higher wages “Collecting” became a phenomena. People were perceiving that there was an additional value in the many items they were finding in their grandparents, and parents homes; items that in the past, were thought to have been worthless.

This created the need for a new kind of professional.

The modern Estate Liquidator is a professional estate sales specialist, with the expertise to perceive, appraise, and preserve the value of your collectibles. They are coming into their own as an industry, thanks largely to adapting with the changing times, and their better and more effective use of technology.

Here’s the situation:

The large auction houses – places like Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams stopped caring about the little guy. They are not interested in helping consumers with modest estates. They’ll pick one or two high value items from these estates – the “Heirlooms” but they will leave you with the rest.

The small auction houses – the “Saturday Night Auction Houses” tend to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the minor antiques and household contents coming their way. Many of them also seem to be behind the tech curve, as well as being hampered by antiquated research and marketing capabilities.

The Estate Liquidator – is learning to be an “Estate Sales Manager.” The best of them are already there, and these professionals can help you navigate your many options for dispersing personal property. But not all of them, because the estate liquidation industry is still growing, and it is becoming more and more professionalized; you will have to put them through some test. When you find one that you feel can address your estates particular needs, ask them these question. Estate Sales Questions to ask an Estate Liquidator.

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