Estate Sales Photographs What Happens To Them?

Do You Know This Boy?

Here’s the problem – No One In His Family Does…

And that’s why you’ll find his photograph for sale at an estate sale. It’s not that people don’t care about the photo, or are trying to forget the boy standing by the side of the tracks, ear tuned to an on coming train.

No, in fact they want to remember him…but there is no memoir…

I think that this might be Dad’s Mom’s Sister…

The one who eloped, and was never heard from again…

What an incredible story this could be; one that may finally need to be told to other members of the family. We are after all, aspects of our family’s histories. And this young lady, her wishes and desires – her reasons for leaving, deserve to be known.

But who will tell her story…? Here is what is certain – we are story driven, and if there is no tale to append to her photograph, then her story will be lost, and her photo will end up in a box at an estate sale…

I think the one in the middle was our Grandfather…

What was he doing? What does that uniform mean…?

In the 20’s children worked; many of their families could not afford the luxury of them going to school. These families needed income, and local factories needed inexpensive labor – so children filled the bill.

How was it to live in that time – to be expected to shoulder, and exert such labor. How did they have fun?

Do yourself and future generations of your family a big and awesome favor.

Start to remember, use your collections of photographs to help you – if you don’t do this, imagine for just a second, that your family’s photographs wind up being sold at an estate sale.

…Which isn’t the end of the world, but is it What You Want…?

This is not an Advertisement!

…but it is an endorsement…of a better process…

Kathleen Quinn can help you assemble a video memoir. Her company “Reflections of a Lifetime” has all the tools necessary to do this. And besides the tools – she cares, is comfortable to be around, and has great communication skills…

Here is a brief Q&A We did together…

What does your company do?

Kathleen Quinn: “Reflections of a Lifetime” helps you by preserving your memories on video. I take your photos, footage of our interview, and I weave these together with your stories into a heart warming tribute, which will honor you, and your legacy memoir, within your family. This is an honoring process I am always grateful to witness.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Kathleen Quinn: Well, as I have read on your site Martin, you ask that people don’t throw things away –  I would like to add, please don’t throw your old photographs away either. At the very least, have my company, Reflections of a Lifetime, record these photographs onto a DVD.

Other than their old photographs, what else do you suggest they document?

Every family has heirlooms, and these are rich in specific family lore – because they have been in the family for a very long time, each has a story that wants to be told.

If you are the current “keeper of the memories” I would like to encourage you to preserve your family legacies for successive generations by using my services to create a video documentary. This is much easier than you might at first think.

Here is Kathleen Quinn’s Contact Information

Website: Reflections of a Lifetime

email address:

Telephone Number: 707.527.8655

Folks, I have been doing Estate Sales for a long time…

I heartily recommend that you contact Kathleen if you are local to the Northern California Region, or if you are further away, that you ask around till you find someone who can provide a similar service for you.

The Do It Yourself Estate Sales Guide

Martin Codina

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  1. What a great way to preserve memories for future generations! At the very least talk to the older family members and have them identify people in their albums, and document any stories via tape recorder or video.

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