Estate Sales vs. Yard Sales.

Which will be your weekend’s main event?

In the corner on my left, wearing the purple trunks and claiming to contain all the treasure collected over the lifetimes of several generations, is the Estate Sales Bomber.

And in the corner on my right, wearing the yellow trunks, looking lean and thin, is the hurriedly trained, Yard Sale Scrapper.

Folks, these two fierce opponents have squared off countless times, over countless weekends, and neither of them seems to be a clear winner.

So before you get ready to rumble this weekend, please read the following public service announcement.

Estate sales are two or three day in-house sales events. They are for lack of a better description, windows into peoples’ lives. Generally speaking what you find at an estate sale is everything that was wanted by the people who lived in the house where the estate sale is being conducted. In other words what you find in an estate sale is “stuff” that was wanted.

Yard Sales are more or less disorganized sales events merchandising the unwanted cast off “stuff” of its sellers. But don’t let that description fool you, they can contain treasures of significant value. Remember, these sales are usually being conducted by people who, because they are not professionals, often don’t know the value of what they are selling.

So where do you the consumer go to find gold? Well, in the words of a miner, I once met as a young man “Gold is where you find it.”

My name is Martin Codina and I am an estate liquidator who loves his job.

The Do it Yourself Estate Sales Guide

One thought on “Estate Sales vs. Yard Sales.

  1. Thank you for that….there is nothing more frustrating than getting up at the wee hours, to attend what is advertised as a huge estate sale, only to get there and find out it is nothing but a garage or yard sale filled with baby clothes and craft leftovers! Not that there are not buyers for baby clothes and craft leftovers, but if advertised as such, they just might attract buyers looking for baby clothes and craft leftovers, not buyers looking for antiques…and they wonder why they made no money???

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