In Chicago? Want to Find Estate and Garage Sales Info?

Or do you want to learn where the best Thrift Stores and Garage Sales Are: Look No Further Than The Back Garage!

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Folks, I love a site like this. It is:

  • Super Clean.
  • Informative.
  • Easy to Navigate.

And it has a fantastic and highly useful list of articles and post all about what is near and dear to the heart of the Chicago collector who: Shops Estate Sales, Goes to Thrift Stores, Has Design Sensibilities, Uses Craigslist…

Here, are some recent article titles: Sunday Craigslist Roundup: Chicago, Chicago Thrift Store Guide Part 1: Driving,

She also did a series of articles about Chicago Estate Sales.

Find Something Like This Clock at an Estate Sale?

Back Garage logo link

Don’t Know how to research its value?

Here is a link to a recent post that gives their take on, How to Identity Any Vintage Object.

In closing I would like to encourage you to bookmark their site, especially if you go to Estate Sales in Chicago.

Find a Complete List of Chicago Estate Sales Companies Here.

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One thought on “In Chicago? Want to Find Estate and Garage Sales Info?

  1. You’re spot on about what is going on with the site you’ve reviewed here Martin. If they can run a site like this, I’m sure their tangible business follows suit and the folks in the Chi neighborhood near this shop are lucky to have it.

    An enjoyable read.


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