Fitch Estate Sales Eclectic Super Sale

Fitch Estate Sales Eclectic Super Sale

Martin Codina and Rachel Fitch on Kerrville Texas Radio

Martin Codina and Rachel Fitch on Kerrville Texas Radio

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending an estate sale conducted by Fitch Estate Sales in of all places, Kerrville Texas. I do not often travel from the comfort of my Bay Area home to go to another estate sales company estate sale. But this sale was different. This sale was special. This sale was being conducted by Rachel Fitch, a woman of immense integrity, expertise, and intelligence. And as important as all of the above is, this sale also promised to be a lot of fun.

Asian Antiques, and Textiles

Wu Li (1632-1718), Quin Dynasty Scroll at Fitch Estate Sales

Wu Li (1632-1718), Quin Dynasty Scroll at Fitch Estate Sales

There were so many Asian antiquities forming the nucleus of this estate sale that once the word got out via Estate Sales.Net, and Worthpoint, buyers from Dallas and even from as far away as New Jersey made instant travel plans, renting cars and boarding planes -intending to arrive first, in order to secure a strategic place in line. Rachel, doesn’t do pre-sales though, so you have to get there early on the first day of her estate sales to get the chance to buy the best of the best.

Eclectic, this is such an overused clichéd description, but for this estate sale, it barely describes just how special of a sale that Rachel Fitch researched, organized, and properly, indeed profitably staged on behalf of her elderly client. Even from my lofty heights as an author, and estate liquidator I can see just how special her talents and gifts are.

If I were not already in the estate sales business and I needed the services of an estate liquidator in the Kerrville Texas area I would not hesitate, but to retain her services.

Antique Rifles, Pistols and Daggers!


Antique Yemeni Rifle

Maybe they were of Yemeni or Afghan origin, not sure, but these antique rifles with their metal appliqué designs and devices were spectacular in their own right. Not sure how accurate they would be at target practice but they were fine specimens, or nice wall hangers as they say in the business. It’s no exaggeration to say that there were 40 or 50 incredible Indonesian and Yemeni daggers, with their fanciful metal overlay designs. Dagger belts, knives, various cartridge cases and more, Mantiques at their best.

Red Coral, Butterscotch Amber and Patek Philippe

Antique Chinese Red Coral 2

Red Coral and Antique Chinese Butterscotch Amber

This is what I’m talking about, the kind of estate sale that becomes legendary – deep red coral, and antique butterscotch amber displayed with an 18K Gold Patek Philippe Pocket Watch. That’s breadth. That’s variety. That’s crazy. It’s not often at an estate sale anywhere in America that you see this stunning array of divergent goods. But in little old Kerrville Texas,  there it was, in all of its glory.

Take heed folks, get some professional help. You are going to need it. The elderly man for whom this estate sale was conducted actually approached two brick and mortar auction houses, both of these auction houses, I’m guessing because they did not understand the value of what was in this house declined to help this man. Astounding how much of an opportunity they passed up on.

But Rachel Fitch because she is such a pro, instantly recognized that this was a very special collection of antiques and objet d’ Art. It is a very good thing that this man found an estate liquidator with Rachel Fitch’s competence.

African Masks and A Few Bronzes

Vintage African Bronze 1

Pair of Metal African Fertility Figures

The man whose living estate this sale represents was a geologist. He and his wife traveled extensively, wherever his business might take him – mostly to Africa, the Mid-East and to Indonesia

They were gone from Kerriville about 11 months of the year, all the while he was involved in his geological surveying it is said, his wife would visit the local markets and antiques stores looking for treasures – my kind of gal. Then they would return back to Texas and arrange all of their finds on the walls and into the cabinets of their home. Their place looked like a shrine, museum or a store take your pick, it could of been any of those three. But to this husband and wife it was home.

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