For a Loved one

At a recent Estate Sale I worked in Corte Madera California; was the lifetime accumulation of plants of an elderly woman. She loved plants and her home was filled inside and outside with her carefully tended collection of cactus, succulents, perennials, annuals and orchids.

Being a lover of orchids, I was in awe, when I saw one of the largest potted cymbidium orchids I had ever seen. This large Cymbidium had been planted in a wooden barrel and had over a hundred magnificent brown and golden flowers shimmering magnificently in the bright sun of the day.

I thought – “That if at the end of our sale this glorious orchid plant was still available for sale, I would buy it.”

But, on the morning of the first day of this sale, two gentlemen came in and said they wanted to buy the orchid plant. Bummer I thought. They then proceeded to tell me an endearing story about the friendship their Mother had had with her neighbor next door. They had been friends for fifty years and although his Mother no longer lived next door, she still thought from time to time (somewhat enviously) about the cymbidiums still growing in her old friend’s backyard. Her son said, “This cymbidium has huge sentimental value to my Mom”. She had stated to her son; “that of all the stuff in her old friend’s house, the one thing she wanted, and the only thing she wanted was the cymbidium.

This story brought tears to my eyes and I was thrilled that this cymbidium was going to a friend of the estate, who had a very special attachment to it. I must admit I was also relieved that I didn’t have to figure a way to get this extremely heavy potted cymbidium home.

This woman’s son and his friend labored for over two hours transporting this huge orchid from the backyard, down a narrow path, and into the back of their truck; the planter fell apart; there was dirt everywhere, but they managed this task with good cheer and accomplishment. It was a true labor of love. They then came back and kindly swept up all the dirt and with brilliant smiles on their faces, they said

“Thank you, so very much”

This is one of the many highlights of my job; when people are so kind and so honoring of a loved one. Bye glorious orchid, I know you’ll enjoy your new home.

My name is Valetta Ciarla. I work for Fine Estate Liquidation, Inc. and I love my job


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