Free Estate Sales Advice from a Professional Estate Liquidator

Free Estate Sales Advice:

If you need a lawyer hire an attorney.
If you are sick hire a doctor.
If you want to sell a house hire a Realtor.

If you inherit personal property hire an Estate Sales Professional.

Here is an Antique Horror Story:

A woman goes to an antique fair somewhere in California. She has a picture of a table that she shows a dealer. The dealer makes an arraignment with this woman to meet her later in the evening.

He buys the table. He likes the table, but he does not know precisely how valuable it is. He starts asking around. One of the major auction houses likes the table too; they thought that the table was worth several hundred thousand dollars. He does some more checking with another major auction house. This auction house likes the table too; they think the table is worth even more than the first auction house.

The dealer goes with the second auction house where the table sells for more than $1,000,000.00

Morals of the story:

1. If you are a person who has inherited personal property, hire a professional to look out for your interest, rather than their own.
2. If you are a dealer or an estate liquidator – help your clients – take their interest into account. Having a success like the one above, but on behalf of your client rather than yourself will establish you firmly as a leader, and a trusted go to person in the estate liquidation community.

Ways to avoid the above:

1. Call 3 estate liquidators.
2. Ask them for references.
3. Check their references.
4. Do not shop for their services by fee alone.
5. Each estate liquidator will give you free advice: write their advice down.
6. If you decide to do your own sale; follow some of the advice that you were given.
7. Don’t pre-sell your best stuff to dealers. Instead combine those items into your estate sale – it will make your sale, much more interesting.

Here is a handy list of estate sales questions.

The Do it Yourself Estate Sales Guide

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