Gene Autry Cowboy Guitar by Emenee Industries

I am an old cowhand from the Rio Grand…

Although these five famous guitar players won’t admit it in public, each of them cite Gene Autry as a musical influence…

  1. Jimi Hendrix learned to play the Star Spangled Banner after receiving this guitar as a Christmas gift.
  2. It was only after getting this guitar, that Jimmy Page decided to climb a Stairway to Heaven and become a Rock Star.
  3. Carlos Santana pounded away at this guitar for 10 years until he found his Black Magic Woman.
  4. Eddie Van Halen was about to throw in the towel when he found this guitar in a pawn shop, and then decided to Jump back in.
  5. Ritchie Blackmore  only played the blues until the man on the silver mountain gave him this guitar.

(This guitar available for $225.00 through the Ruby Lane Shop of: Breezy Bluewillow)

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