Give Antiques and Collectibles Visitors What They Want

Or They Won’t Buy Your Antiques

It’s That Simple

Here’s The Big Web Secret: It ain’t personal; whether a visitor buys an antique or stays on your website is dependent on one thing and one thing only. Is your site useful to their search, to their objective for visiting your site in the first place. If not, they will leave, your bounce rate will remain high, and your Google Analytic’s will sink, and your site will tumble and fall through layer upon layer towards eventual mediocrity. And the biggest secret of all, is that the way your fortunes will fail, poised as they were on your ineffectual web strategies, won’t be personal.

Let Me Explain: It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent on your site, how fancy your logo is, how many hours you spent on your message. It only matters what the consumer of your little bit of PHP or HTML wants – that the information consumer, like the retail consumers of old, is always right. Yes they are, they are always right; what they want, how they want to see it, and how they will respond, is entirely in the hand that holds the mouse.

Please know that their surfing habits are just like your surfing habits, and like you, visitors to your site who do not either understand your sites navigation, or who do not resonate with your content will leave, and they will leave quickly.

And It Won’t Be Personal: The wind of their quick exit is impersonal. That’s just the way it is. They don’t know you, don’t care necessarily, and will only stay on your site if there is something in it for them. So give them something…

Websites and Antiques Have To Be Useful

It’s That Simple!

Antique Marketing Secret #1: In today’s economy it’s more true than in times of boom, that buyers tend to wear their practical shopping hats when shopping for antiques. Yeah they want items that look good, that are stylish, that have value, but more than ever what they buy has to provide a practical solution to something that is missing in their home.

Shoppers leave antique stores without buying, when the store they are visiting can not match their desire with anything useful to the utility of their search.

Websites Too, Have Secrets: Think of your website as the answers to questions – not the questions you pose, or the answers you found on a get rich quick SEO marketing site…the only questions that your site should answer, are the questions being posed by visitors to your site.

You see, your visitors are smarter than you about what they want to find on your website, they know what they want to find, and again, if they don’t find what they are looking for, they will leave quickly.

And It Won’t Be Personal: If you want people to stay, to enjoy what they read, then find out what they want to read. Every page on your website is like a test. This site for example has about 300 pages on it. Here in order of visitor preference are the top 5 most visited pages on this site:

  1. Home Page
  2. Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Dress
  3. Our On-Line Store
  4. Estate Sales Company List
  5. Estate Sales, The Billion Dollar Business You Need To Know About

When visitors get to these pages they tend to stay, they tend to read, and more importantly, they tend to take action, by either buying, or letting others know via various social networking platforms about this site. Here Are Mine: MY Twitter ProfileMy Facebook Fan PageMy Stumbleupon

Visitors Stay On Websites When Given Something Of Value

It’s That Simple

Look At This Site: Notice the paucity of advertising, yes there is a bit here and there, but not much. My focus is clear: I want to give, and have given a lot of valuable Antiques and Collectibles Research Information away for free, as my gift of gratitude to the industry that has supported me for the last 14 years. I am not afraid that this gift of information about where and how to find an Estate Sales Professional will undermined me, to the contrary, I know that my Estate Sales Business has grown from this…I watch this happen everyday.

Your Antique Store or Website Can Do The Same: The Big Guys in the antiques business are slowly taking over, buying up URLs, setting up innumerable shopping sites, and slowly taking over the internet for searches related to antiques, collectibles, estate sales and so on. I describe this process here as Big Business Is Making A Web Mall Of The Antiques Business.

Take Control Of Local Antiques Searches: In the same way that you sweep and clean your store, and manage your store’s presentation, give some attention to the internet, to the way shoppers are looking for the kind of antiques you sell…never allow for them to find an antique on the internet – from some far away store or dealer, when they could find it down the street in your store.

Don’t let the big boys control your physical mall because they are more sophisticated about how to exploit and capture local search terms and present the answers to antiques and collectibles web queries on their websites.

Good Luck Out There…

Martin Codina

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3 thoughts on “Give Antiques and Collectibles Visitors What They Want

  1. This is so true. Oh so true. What you said is very interesting – This: You see, your visitors are smarter than you about what they want to find..

    So true. And even if people don’t have a clear idea of what they want they know what they don’t want when they see it, I believe. I don’t think that you can build a site to please everyone necessarily. But all the things you said are really golden. And again, content, always content.


  2. Thank You Tracy,

    I am learning this every day, and sometimes the learning for me is painful, even if not personal…

    By The Way, I know you hear this everyday – You Rock, what you are doing, the humor, the content, the visual appeal of your site…we can all learn from you…

    Thanks Again,


  3. You’re way too kind Martin and wow! Thank you very much but… Honestly, I’m more an observer than knowledgeable. I wish I had more knowledge, it would make knowing the right things to buy so much easier. I constantly pick things up of little value at a sales thinking maybe…. I go home and look it up and…. nothing. Nothing special at all…

    I wish I had more money to do estate saling as kind of a hobby – but I’m not in a good area. Plus what is asked for things at estate sales is quite high – honestly sometimes over retail, and even when I go to thrift stores things I’ve seen other people talk about getting for loose change in other parts of the country are a few bucks. Its just this area.

    I was in a salvation army type store a few weeks ago and they had syracuse china mugs – just a few priced and at $2.50 each I think. I don’t know that much about them except that some are worth a lot. these were not, I knew enough to know these mugs wouldn’t have sold on ebay for 99 cents each… yet this place had them up for sale at over 2.

    Its frustrating to looks at other peoples blogs and see what they find for a quarter.

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