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Since I was a child, a boy of course, I have loved medals: bright, shiny, and flowing. I don't know how this came about, or when I began to seek them out, but I did. For a long time I did not know that there were medals given out for all sorts of achievements.

Or that there were items that looked like medals but were not in fact medals. Such is the case with these Ferrotypes Campaign Buttons. If you want to read all about what a Ferrotype is, go read this article WHAT IS FERROTYPING. It will explain in detail the whole photographic process.

Campaign Ferrotypes

Ferrotype Fremont Campaign buttonBell and Everett ferrotypeLincoln Johnson Jugate

Here is a full description of these medals and their values realized at auction...

From left to right:

Fremont Campaign Button, 1864, Gault Frame Design. Circa: 1864

An 1864 "J.C. Fremont-Cochrane" Presidential campaign, J. Gault frame ferrotype. A bright ferrotype with strong portraits of Fremont and Cochrane, housed in a distinctive gilt-brass frame, with shields and laurels, holed at the top.

Sold on 22 October 2005
Hammer Price: $2,242

Early American History Auctions

Bell & Everett: Ribbon, Cannon Hanger. Circa: 1860.

Bell & Everett 1860 presidential campaign ferrotype ribbon. The ferrotype is suspended from a crossed cannon hanger and pinned on a silk ribbon bearing Ms. Liberty with "The Union" above and "The Constitution" below.

Sold on 12 November 2007
Hammer Price: $ 2,031

Heritage Auction Galleries

Campaign Novelty: Lincoln/Johnson Jugate, 1864, Brass, 2 Portraits, Flags. Circa: 1864

This 1864 Lincoln item is the most elusive of all pre-1896 political jugates. The few of these jugates known to exist are in museums or private collections. Only one has ever been publicly auctioned, and it brought a hammer price of $38,500 in 1998, this current example being slightly finer.

Sold on 9 June 2001
Hammer Price: $ 34,500

Early American History Auctions

All Images and Auction Text from Prices 4 Antiques.Com

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