Gold and Silver Antiques: The Mad Meltdown!

Gold and Silver Antiques: The Mad Meltdown!

14K GOLD MAD MONEY CHARM Sold by Rose Galleries ($90.00)

14K Mad Money Charm Sold by Rose Galleries

Well it continues, the rise in the price of gold and silver, and as it does, many antiques and collectibles are simply disappearing.

That’s just one of the consequences of the economic shift of the last few years. People don’t have as much cash, their homes and jobs lost, they now look to their personal property as a means of raising cash. And low and behold, the metals market, fueled by what I view as mostly fear, is right there to meet the needs of people to raise cash.

Gold and Silver:
Antiques, Or Ways To Raise Instant Cash?

14K Mad Money Box Charms Sold By Dan Morphy

What’s so interesting about all this is that you would think that an over supply of a commodity would depress values, but in this case it hasn’t.

Here’s Why

Because there is a collision of needs: People With Cash Want To Hold Gold and Silver As A Hedge – People Without Cash (But Who Have A Bit Of Gold Or Silver) Need To Raise Cash.

Before You Melt Your Gold and Silver
Ask – Are These Antiques?

Cash Register Charm Sold by Dirk Soulis Auctions

I speculate that there will come a time when this trend will reverse, at least I hope so, and when it does, there will be a reverse in demand. In other words, as people who want to own Gold and Silver objects for their utility value rather than for their metals value, return to the marketplace looking for these items to buy, they will create a different demand.

But Guess What? They’re not likely to find the items they’re searching for as easily as they once could.

Because So Much Gold and Silver Is Being Melted…

Money In Your Purse Now!
But Is It Smart To Sell Antiques and Collectibles
For Their Gold and Silver Value Alone?

14K Purse Charm Sold By Michaan’s Auctions

Only Time Will Tell:

So, if you have the cash, and can take the long view, my suggestion is for you to seek out and buy Gold and Silver that has strong collectible or antique value.

I think you’ll be glad you did….

Things Like:

Georg Jensen

These Top Sterling Silver Patterns: Chantilly by Gorham, Francis I by Reed & Barton, Prelude by International, Repousse by Kirk-Stieff,  Old Master by Towle, Royal Danish by international, Grande Baroque by Wallace, Strasbourg by Gorham  Rose Point by Wallace, Buttercup by Gorham. (Especially Unusual Serving Pieces In Any Of These Patterns)

Almost Any Silver Or Gold Item From Tiffany

Taxco Silver Makers: Like Antonio Pineda, Spratling – Aguilar…Just to name a few…

Antique and Collectible silver and gold objects were highly sought after before the market down turn, and they will be sought after again….but expect that when these objects again become collectible, there won’t be nearly as much of it to collect, and the values for these objects will rise, as a result of true scarcity…

All The Best

Martin Codina

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