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…to ask about the value of Antiques, is better than selling too impulsively…

Who Wore These Gold Dentures Contest Winners

I knew these Antique Gold Dentures were unique, that they would prove to be interesting, But Hey! Did I know that they would cause such an internet sensation…? Well, I hoped they would, and indeed they did. (Read More Here)

Estate Sales? Better Than any business I know…!

It’s 6:00am here folks.

Getting up early, starting the day before the first roosters crow, well it’s all part of the estate sales business. If you are afraid of hard work, getting your hands dirty or rising before the sun does, then the estate sales business is not for you. (Read More Here)

Mickey Mouse: Poor Church Mouse Makes Good

My first exposure to Mickey Mouse was like millions of Americans, through the Wonderful World of Disney or through The Mickey Mouse Club. Being so young, I didn’t know that at least one of the reasons I was attracted to that furry creature of a mouse, was that he had already become linked to the American ideal of – Local Boy Makes Good.” (Read More Here)

Who Knew Skittles Were Worth So Much? I didn’t

My most favorite activity is learning about antiques and collectibles, and though I have been doing this Estate Sales and Antiques Business thing for a while now, it’s like almost everyday that I find myself surprised by what’s collectible, and how much it’s worth. (Read More Here)

Smoke em if ya got em: Cigarette Collectibles

There is no better time than now to collect Cigarette and Smoking collectibles: All over America people have gotten the hint – smoking ain’t exactly as healthy or as elegant as it once upon a time was – ex-smokers and family members not knowing the value of their smoking paraphernalia are clearing out their cupboards. (Read More Here)

Gene Autry Cowboy Guitar by Emenee Industries

Although these five famous guitar players won’t admit it in public, each of them cite Gene Autry as a musical influence… (Read More Here)

When Is A Dinner Bell Worth More Than A Costly Meal?

A long time ago, in cottage, house or a mansion, not every one was tied to a time piece to let them know when it was time to do whatever it was that was so important to do: there were other ways to indicate comings and goings…

My favorite was the dinner bell… (Read More Here)

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