How am I anyhow: Confessions of an Estate Liquidator

Well I am Listening to Beethoven

Antique Hand Painted Bronze Bust of Beethoven

It doesn’t matter which Beethoven piece of music that I am listening to, ain’t it enough that I am listening to the big guy, the one and only, he of the deaf ear, and nimble fingers – the man with all that hair…some of which I must admit to wishing I had had the good fortune to have had the proper gene for. But No! My dad was bald.

But this isn’t about my dads lack of wavy hair, or the families genes or even really about Beethoven either, although that man could and regularly did compose some of the most expressive music ten fingers has ever had the pleasure of elegantly dancing along the surface of a keyboard to.

No, this post is about How the Hell are you Martin? Me? Well, I am just fine, thanks for asking…the last week was a bit tough in places but I got through it, although there were times I had sufficient doubt…whether I’d make it through; I did!

Did I tell you about the guy who lived on the hard side of town? That he collected coins? That he liked his guns? Of course not, that’s privileged information. I gottah keep stuff like that to myself, so don’t go blabbering it around…OK?

Or How about the Elegant Pacific Heights woman who lived in, yes you guessed it – one of those fine homes you pass while on your way to your own much more modest home in a different part of the town in which you live. She had a mighty fine house, lived a nice life, and so on…I didn’t tell you about her? Of course not…I can’t! I am not suppose too. My clients pay me the big big bucks, to keep my mouth shut about the details of their lives and that’s just what I do, I stay quiet…well mostly I stay quiet.

Here’s what’s true about the families in both of the above kinds of homes. They each needed my help, so if you are like me, an estate liquidator – You help them…and that’s exactly what I did. I helped them.

But I don’t do it myself, thank God, I have an incredible staff…Yay to each of you, Valetta, my wife, Katherine my daughter, Lesley, Vina, Andy and Justin…you guys rock, and rock well.

Oh, one last thing, today a blind man came to shop at our estate sale. And lest you think that’s so unusual, his friend, a blind woman, came to our sale the day before…

So That’s my week, from rags to riches and back again…in the homes of the modest, looking for the unexpected, in the rich mans home wondering why the family didn’t care to leave more…much, much, more.

Martin Codina

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