How an Estate Sale is a little like Warehouse 13

Where would you rather go…


Jay Robert's Antique Warehouse sign with link follow Warehouse 13 Logo with Link Follow antiques warehouse sign with link follow


To an Estate Sale of course…

Less scary, no bumps in the night, and drama without the terror; Estate Sales have Warehouse 13′s essential ingredient “Resonance with the Past.” Estate Sales for the most part, have all the the suspense and the surprise….and most important, unlike an Antique Warehouse, where you can’t get many of the details of the previous owners life; things you buy at an estate sale come with a more complete story.

This is why I think that Estate Sales are so popular…

I call it the soup to nuts paradigm…The “Every Way” to buy and sell anything you may ever need to furnish a house…

Edwards Soup Tin with Link Follow antique mystique com product page link follow

Of the two cans, which one do you think has a “Warehouse 13″ connection or a possibly hidden past. Is it the soup or the nuts…?

It’s the old Edward’s Desiccated Soup tin. Here’s a quote lifted from the book “Ullesys” written by none other than James Joyce .

“Too many drugs spoil the broth. I know it myself. Dosing it with Edwards’ desiccated soup. Geese stuffed silly for them. Lobsters boiled alive.”

And no, I don’t know what it means, but imagine if Arty knew that you found this can at an Estate Sale…

Sign Me An Estate Sales Professional Who Loves His Job…

Martin Codina

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